Friday, November 27, 2009


Mom was grumpy yesterday afternoon, so she posted this photo of her two favorite pugs.

It had something to do with one of her in-laws saying that if someone couldn't afford health insurance maybe they should give up cable. Another said that out of the 6 million people with no health insurance 1/3 could afford it, they just don't want it; 1/3 could get some type of government aid; and the last 1/3 are illegal aliens.

Mom loves the blogosphere because here we all CARE about each other and would help our fellow blogger if it were needed. Mom didn't see any evidence of that caring in the above two statements. We have problems in this country that need to be fixed and they won't get fixed unless everyone works TOGETHER. That's not happening, and it's making mom grumpy. And sad.


Benny and Lily said...

Mom's answer...ignore humans. Thats probably where we got that idea from..BOL
Happy Friday
Benny & Lily

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Your Mom is right. We hope she cheers up soon, maybe give her a few extra pug hugs!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We are glad she posted the pictures of you two or my human would have gone ballistic. We are sitting on her to keep her from typing a thousand word essay on the fallicies of those statements... We hope that your mom feels better soon

Lex said...

I agree too! In Canada our health care system isn't perfect by any means but I don't need to choose between paying that or living my life. I really hope that pic of you and lucky helped calm your mom down.

Anonymous said...

LEX.. just so you understand... the health care system YOU have is FREE.(paid for by your high taxation rate) The health care system the Democrats want to pass will NOT BE FREE. ALL US Citizens will have to pay monthly premiums... just like we do if we have health insurance. Those that do not pay will be FINED or Jailed. Therefore our Freedom of Choice is taken away from us!

And I agree... Priorities in life are what individual choices are all about. CABLE (135.00 a month) vs. Health Insurance Premiums.... hmmm... seems like a simple choice to me. For some others... I guess CABLE would win. Regardless.... It's YOUR Choice, YOUR Inalienable Right.

Hey, I have an idea...
Why not pass something that makes Health Care more AFFORDABLE? Paying premiums for a system that charges 100.00 for a band aid seems ridiculous. Why not charge less for the SAME Health care so MANY MORE people can afford it? And those that cannot afford even the Lower rates, can apply for Health Care Coverage through the Salvation Army or the RED CROSS ... someplace that is used to dealing with the poor, and or a health care crisis. Both of those organizations have an outstanding history of HELPING PEOPLE and are probably more prepared to deal with adding another task to their mission, than our Government which isn't suppose to do that.! Plus they are 100% donation organizations. Everything they make goes right back into their upkeep. People give and get a tax write off. NO ACORN, Or any other Union Affiliate. Non profit only.

Poppy Q said...

Luckily in New Zealand, we have free universal health care. If my brother, who is self employed, had a heart attack, fell onto a chain saw and chopped off his arm, got cancer, or had a car crash and had to be helicopted to hospital, he would have to pay - no money to get fixed up. Nothing. No risk of losing his house, as he would get no bills, and I hope he never has to use these services.

I work within the health system, it is not perfect. We have waiting lists for MRIs, scans and to see specialists on the public health system. However if you choose, you can go to private hospitals and pay to get a scan quicker. Scans are about $500 US, and a doctors appointment less.

However, all urgent emergency car accident type treatment, and cancer treatsments are at the public system. Free, for everybody.

When my mum went to hospital with her empysema, free.
When she went to the hospice, it was free. When her doctor made home visits twice a week, free. When she had weekly blood tests, done by a district nurse at home, free. The hospital provided a hospital bed at home, and oxygen tanks, all free. She also got her last few months care at a nursing home free.

Sorry to rant, but really, people who are working shouldn't lose their houses or their lives because of health insurance or the cost. Surely America can be a world leader and do better for its people.

Julie - New Zealand.

Anonymous said...

Like I mentioned above... Affordable Health Care is the way to go! I think this little film hits the nail on the head and something we should really consider in this debate. And for those people that cannot afford
Health Care whatsoever... Sign up for the Salvation Army or Red Cross to receive services that are paid for by donations. NO ACORN, or any other organization that is only interested in fleecing taxpayers or the Government. Total Transparency through NON PROFIT.

Anyway, I think this film's message is a good one.

Best regards.