Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday Three

1) Mom's Singer Easy Sew sewing machine has died. (Mom doesn't know how old it is but she bought it at Bradlees and they closed in 2000.) After two attempts to clean it and re-time the tension, it still will not sew well. The tension is a mess and no setting actually works. So mom bought this. It's a Kenmore.Mom doesn't need 90 different stitches and all the other fancy stuff a lot of the machines have. This one is simple, easy and NOT BROKEN. It's also a lot quieter.

2) Lucky proves to mom that she could care less about mom's new "Mother's Day Gift" (to herself, mind you.)

3) To see if she would like the machine, mom whipped up this little quilt top. (or flimsy as Auntie would say.)

She doesn't have any particular plans for it as of yet. She just wanted to have some fun.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

We like the quilt. I am glad she got a new sewing machine. The Woman's is even older--her Mom got it in the early 90s and the Woman inherited it and it still works.

agent99 said...

Sometimes ya just have to have fun! Our Mom says a noisy machine can be very embarassing at quilt class. Have fun with the not-so-fancy new one!!

Love Gen & the Foo

Karen Jo said...

I think the Kenmore works just great. It's funny. My Mom had a Singer that must be at least 50 years old and it still works fine, though I don't use it much. It doesn't have anything fancy on it, so maybe that's why it still goes great.

Dory and the Mama said...

What a great "flimsy"!! We think it might make a wonderful doggy quilt!!


Jeanne said...

Good for you Marie. A new sewing machine, whoeee. I like your little 'flimsy" very much. Love Your Mom Jeanne

Anonymous said...

That is a cute little quilt top! New things are always fun. And yes please send some heat this way!