Friday, March 2, 2012

%$$#%@ Kindle Instructions

For Christmas, Memere bought mom a Kindle. (Mom is 2nd from the right with a pretty black pug on her lap.) Mom likes it. It is fun. Mom still likes books, and the feel and heft of a book in her hand, but the Kindle is nice.

Until mom tried to "read a book for free" from Amazon. Mom is a Prime Member. She should be able to borrow books and read them for free. Except mom can't find any decent instructions on how to do this. The book she wanted clearly said $0.00 for Prime Members, but mom still got charged for the book. (Yes, I know it was only $2.99, but still!) Mom thinks they could make the instructions a LITTLE EASIER to FIND and UNDERSTAND.

PS I ate dinner and am back to my normal self.


Payton said...

What happen to lunch?!? Well, I'm glad you are feeling better now!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

We don't have prime so are not sure how that works either. It seems like it should be in your account. And I know it's hard to ask a question of Amazon because we had to contact them about something not delivered and it took forever to find what to do! But there is a way to contact a real person. Also, Max the Psycho Kitty's person is really good with Kindles so you might want to say HELP over there about getting help!

Anonymous said...

I would suggest asking the folks on the Kindle Forum at Amazon. They're a group of friendly helpful Kindle owners.

Daisy said...

You have to buy from your Kindle. Look for one that is listed as free with Amazon Prime, then click on "Borrow for Free." You can only borrow one book per month for free.

dw said...

I called Amazon about my Kindle because it kinda got stuck on a page, and they were helpful in walking me through getting it unstuck. Maybe the billing department is a little different than the techie people I talked to... Hope you can get it resolved. I don't have Prime and have only downloaded freebie books (almost anything older than 1920 is out of copyright and can be found for free) and PDF files and txt files from the internet - the Kindle is great for reading fanfic on!