Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tattle Tale Tuesday

Today's Tattle is  a little different than normal. It involves PlusOne and Mom and LOUD FAST TALKING. It even looks a little like this.

Some of you may know that PlusOne is 15-1/2 yrs old. In NH, you can legally drive with your parents in the car if you are 15-1/2 yrs old. PlusOne has driven with Dad. I think it goes without saying that Dad is a lot CALMER than Mom in many things. This is one of them.

Saturday mom let PlusOne drive to karate. It was early (9:15 am) so mom figured it would be okay. Well, the first test came when PlusOne took a left turn onto a busier street. He hadn't pulled up quire enough to see a car coming from the right (over 1/2 block away) when he starting taking the turn. Mom's encouraging voice turned into "FLOOR IT GOGOGOGOGOGOGO NOW SLOW DOWN!!!!!!"
I am thankful I was at home sunning myself in a sunbeam because otherwise I think I would have bailed out!
Mom said the rest of the trip to karate was quite uneventful and PlusOne did very well slowing down for lights and staying in between the lines. She just thinks he needs a LITTLE (read LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS) more practice with turns. With Dad!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

This is one of those times when it's better to be a dog or a cat... We don't drive...

Two French Bulldogs said...

Mom still thinks no one should drive who is under 20
Benny & Lily

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Hi Roxy & Lucky!
Wesa still wanting to send you a Christmas card. Have your mama e-mail our mama your snail mail addy so you can get a pretty card from us'uns, your friends at The Slimmer Puggums!! :) Our mamas e-mail is pugsandpurrsATgmailDOTcom.
Much Luvums,
George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

Tillie and Georgia said...

Yikes! When we saw that pic on the Blogger dashboard reading list(blogs we follow) we had to rush right over!!! Now we understand the pic!
We agree that PlusOne needs to drive with Dad. Moms tend to be a bit emotional with their kids ;) heehee
Our Mom just wants to know how PlusOne suddenly is 15 1/2 ????????
Where did the time go :O
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie