Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sad - Tell Your Loved Ones How You Feel

The above photo is a picture of a fatal truck crash that happened yesterday afternoon. The man who died worked with Dad. He had been a driver for 20 years. He was driving down 93S and clipped a tow truck in the breakdown lane. That caused his front bumper to come off which in turn ripped the front right wheel out. The truck spun, went into a ditch and rolled over. The driver was killed instantly.

Tell your loved ones how you feel. This accident probably happened in seconds and it was all over. It is making mom really sad and she has been telling all her friends how much they mean to her. You never know from one minute to the next what will happen in your life. Don't make it worse by not telling the people you love you care about them. And don't walk away from a loved one angry. You may never get the chance to apologize or accept their apology.


Julie said...

I totally agree with your Mom. Its a shame that it often takes a tragedy such as this to remind us how special our friends and family are
Big loves and hugs to you all from us
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Georgia and Julie said...

So very true.
Hugs to you and especially hubby.
Thoughts and prayers to the man's family.