Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tattle Tale Tuesday

Mom and Dad were talking about PlusOne yesterday, and how PlusOne didn't want to drive to school with his friend because his friend was doing 50 - 60mph in a 30 mph. Mom and Dad were VERY happy about that. Dad told Mom their son was a "weirdo" in a good way. Mom said the apple didn't fall far from the tree. (Mom was considered weird in high school as well).

Then Mom and Dad saw this. 

"A 17-year-old from Nashua, N.H. escaped a car crash that left his car hanging 75 feet above the Merrimack River—and left an amazing image behind.
The driver lost control of his car Saturday, hit a snowbank and landed with the rear end of the vehicle dangling over the guardrail of the Sagamore Bridge, police said. Troopers cited the driver with a highway markings violation for failing to keep his vehicle within roadway markings, but did not suspect drugs or alcohol in the collision.
Then the New Hampshire Trooper’s Association posted the image on Facebook because, well, just look at it"

They are both VERY happy their son is "weird" and that he's never done this.

PS Yesterday was National Puppy Day. Check out these cute puppies. Especially the PUG!!!


Megan said...

He's a good chap, that PlusOne. I vote that your Mom and Dad keep him on.

Sydney, Australia

stellaroselong said...

We saw that also on the news...we are so glad your son is safety conscious....we had a tragic accident in our county two weeks ago involving high school girls it was so sad.
stella rose

Two French Bulldogs said...

Kudos to you Plus One. Not a weirdo, you are the only one with a brain.
Lily & Edward