Saturday, August 29, 2015

Waiting For Inspiration

Sometimes, mom doesn't know what to blog about. I mean, that happens, when life is a steady stream of sameness.Tha's why I liven it up every now and then, like going missing.
Hah! Your pants are on fire! ~ Lucky
I don't wear pants, Lucky.
I was trying to say you were lying in a nice way. 
Whatever! Anyway, as I was saying, mom sometimes doesn't know what to post about, so Lucky and I have to cause a little mischief to liven things up arouns here.
I do NOT cause mischief. Speak for yourself!
Sigh. Of course you don't little Miss Perfect.
I am NOT ... well, maybe I am. PlusOne thinks I am, anyway.
Sigh. I'll try this again tomorrow.   

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