Thursday, December 31, 2015


 PlusOne and his girlfriend HAD a friend we'll call "TROUBLE" because that's all she ever did. Cause trouble. Well, she was at a mutual friend's birthday party and was telling them all how Mom and PlusOne were TORTURING Lucky (because Lucky can't walk). Trouble went on and on about how Mom should put Lucky down and stop keeping her in pain. 

The friend told PlusOne and PlusOne told mom. Do I even need to tell you about Mom's reaction? lol
When Lucky first started having trouble walking Mom immediately brought her to the vet, who said Lucky was NOT in pain and she was still happy to be here (Lucky licked him up the nose).

Mom had two pugs before (Muffie and Bridget) and when Muffie was no longer healthy and enjoying life, she and the vet made the decision to send her to the Bridge, rather than suffer. She did it out of love and she is really mad that this teenage trouble maker would accuse her of making Lucky suffer. 
Trouble keeps asking to come over and hang out with PlusOne That's NEVER going to happen. EVER!

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Southern Fried Pugs said...

Miss Judgy McJudgyskirt needs to keep her uniformed opinion to herself! Hope she grows out of that nasty habit.