Thursday, May 19, 2016

TV Thursday

So, Mom has watched several Season Finales and liked some of them. DiNozzo leaving NCIS was well done and since he's gone, so is Mom. Castle ended well although for a minute Mom thought it was going to be worse than the Sopranos ending. 
Criminal Minds ended pretty typically and that's okay, except Mom and PlusOne miss Morgan.
Hawaii Five O was okay, sort of silly, but then, so is the show. Scorpion is beyond silly but Mom likes everyone BUT Walter, lol. She loves Toby and Happy and Sylvester.
Limitless hasn't been renewed (yet?) and Mom and Dad both wish it was.
Supergirl is moving to the CW and that's fine with Mom and Dad, as they like that.
Big Bang was funny but Mom is tiring of that. Mom gave up Agents of Shield but watched at the end to see what happened. She most likely won't watch it next year. 
All that's left is The Flash and mom is REALLY mad how this week's episode ended, but she loves Cisco and can't wait to see Zoom eat dust.
So that's Mom's TV review.
What do you watch and what do you think of what happened in your shows?

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Mom yells at the TV when there are bad endings
Lily & Edward