Friday, November 11, 2016

Introducing Space Ghost

 The lease was up on Mom's Corolla (Nightwing) so Mom and Dad went to look at cars. Or rather, car. Mom wanted a Prius. What with her driving habit of mostly city, Mom wanted better fuel economy and to help the environment (SOMEONE has to care about the environment).
 So they went to the Toyota dealership and figure out which Prius Mom wanted.

It's the Prius C Two (because it has cruise).

So then it came to color.
No way was Mom getting boring silver.
The blue was just TOO BRIGHT

The red TOO intense (and she had a red Corolla before Nightwing. It was Lola (the Kinks))

Dad said he would NEVER drive the green one

This color was what Mom REALLY wanted, but it was a Prius C One (no cruise) 

So white it was!

Then it needed a name. And in staying with the super powered theme, Mom's BFF mentioned ghost and Voila!
Space Ghost!
Mom's karate instructor said if it had a black top it would be perfect! lol 

On Mom's first highway trip she was getting 53.5 mpg and lately in the city it's in the low to mid 40's.
Woo hoo!


Noodles said...

What an awesome car!
And yeah, we totally get where you're coming from re the environment.
Love Noodles

Mickey's Musings said...

Nice car.
You will get to try it out when you have to go to the Vet ;)

Purrs Georgia and Julie,
Treasure and JJ

Poppy Q said...

Nice wheels.