Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tattle Tale Tuesday - Making A Difference

This is PlusOne and one of mom's student's (we'll call him Grasshopper) the night Grasshopper received his Black Belt. He is a really nice boy. Friday night he went up to mom and told her that he had gone to a seminar where they gave out "Valued Asset Builder" wristbands. Grasshopper was told to keep one and to give the other to someone who had made a difference in his life. He gave it to mom. He told her that she had always helped him with his techniques and forms and, more importantly, with a bully issue he had been dealing with since the beginning of the school year. He told mom she made a difference in his life. Mom nearly cried. She told him that was the nicest thing he could ever have said to her. Grasshopper fist pumped in the air. He was happy. Mom was happy.

The wristband is on the edge of Mom's computer monitor, where she can look at it whenever she is on the computer. Sometimes I think we forget how important people are to each other and how much we need people in our lives. Mom's life would be a lot emptier without her students, and I think some of her students might agree that their lives would be emptier without her as well.


stellaroselong said...

This was a very nice story, and shows the compassion and kind of heart your momma has. My Momma used to supervise this girl, and after my Mom left this job she received a birthday card from this girl every year and it talks about the impact my momma made in her life. Mom never even knew she was doing that. Words are important aren't they along wif our actions.
stella rose

Two French Bulldogs said...

What a cool story. Plus One you are a ham!
Lily & Edward