Saturday, October 25, 2014

Funny Truisms

We've all done these at some point. Even if you won't admit it.

#1  You do something perfect repeatedly until someone is watching you. (All the time at karate, lol)

#2  The only thing worse then finding a spider in your room is losing a spider in your room. (Then I call Dad or PlusOne)

#3  It won't work no matter what you do until you make someone else try it. Then it works perfectly. (This is what my co-workers say when I come to fix their problem.)

#4 Yelling "DONT MOVE!" at an inanimate object expecting it to listen. (No comment)
#5  Telling yourself to get up early because you have to do something important. Then convincing yourself in the morning why it's not important. (I plead the Fifth)
#6  That moment you realize that person wasn't waving at you. (sigh)
#7 When you're with a group of people and a stranger calls you by name but you can't remember theirs so you call them by anything but their name hoping someone around you will say it so you don't have to ask. (okay, okay)
#8 At some point in your life you've tried to balance the light switch in the middle. (maybe)

#9  Closing the fridge slowly to know exactly when the light turns off. (I was bored)

#10  Yelling "don't even think about it!" From another room because you heard someone say "hey guys watch this" (Oh yeah)

#11  Finding nothing in the fridge the first time but you go back again as I'd the food fairies dropped off new food for you. (ummm)

#12  Texting someone "I'm almost there" when you haven't even left the house yet. (I don't text, but I have called and said the same thing)

#13  Checking your phone for the time then checking again because you weren't paying attention the first time. (yeah)
#14  Running for the phone at full speed only to pick it up and have it already hung up. (grrr)

Hope you laughed at at least a few of them.