Sunday, February 7, 2016

Enough Already

The NH Primary is on Tuesday. Mom, Dad and even PlusOne have been getting TONS of phone calls from the candidates 1) reminding them to vote (what, you think we're NOT going to vote? Note: Officials are expecting the heaviest voter turnout in a long, long time.)
2) vote for their candidate. Mom is swinging one way, PlusOne and Dad another (there are NO Trump fans here, on that we all agree.)
There must have been 1 phone call an hour yesterday afternoon. The worst ones are at dinner time, so Dad answers the phone "Hello, DINNER TIME." lol
Mom would just let it ring and let the answering machine pick it up but Dad's fed up with them

They all can't wait for Wednesday, that's for sure.

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Southern Fried Pugs said...

Our mom hasn't answered the house phone since 2012. We are old school and have an answering machine. If it's a real person, they start talking, and mom can pick it up. But real people know better than to call the house phone anyway. We still have a house phone for a couple of a reasons. Remember when Virginia had an earthquake? The cell phone towers were jammed for hours for voice calls. Landlines still worked. And it's more accurate for 911 calls. As an emergency preparedness nerd, having two sources of communication is better than one. Also, it's how our security system connects.
We hope you can hold on for two more days! Our primary isn't until March. :( We'll see how the field has narrowed down then.