Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Say What????

Mom and Dad went to the local Toyota dealer to look at the new Prius. Mom and PlusOne share a car and Mom would like a car with better city gas mileage, because PlusOne does a LOT of city driving.
 Dad hadn't even gotten out of the car, much less taken off his seat belt when three vultures, I mean salesmen pounced, I mean approached. Mom snuck by them and went inside, hoping there was a Prius inside the building (it was really COLD Saturday). Well, there wasn't. So mom went back to the door to where Dad had managed to get inside.

 The salesman (with the really heavy European accent) told Dad, "With your permission, I can assist your wife in finding a car."

Thank you very much, but Mom does not need ANYONE'S permission to talk about a car.
Now, Mom and Dad were never going to buy from this dealership, it was only a recon mission, but you can imagine how Mom felt after this.

Dad wanted to tell the guy "Maybe I should give my wife permission to let you live."

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Two French Bulldogs said...

It drove mom up the wall when they said to her, Look at the pretty seats." She almost kicked his ass. What about the horsepower idiot
Lily & Edward