Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mom And Blondie Go Shopping

Where can mom and Blondie go and cause a nice commotion and have a ton of fun? Fabric shopping, of course! First mom picked out a backing for her latest quilt.

Then mom started picking out fabrics for her latest commission

and things that made her happy. After shopping quite a bit, and paying, mom went to the ladies roomwhere she found the above left two fabrics. She also found a really neat fabric for Blondie. then Blondie found two other really gorgeous blues. But, she needed a white. A search for the perfect white ensued.

The sales lady (while they were paying for these items) asked them if they'd seen the batik sale room (in between comments of how if mom wanted, she could take that quilt off mom's hands, because she really WANTED it. lol)

So off they went to the sale batik room which they had missed. (How they missed it, mom and Blondie just don't know.)

When they saw all the gorgeous batiks on sale, mom and Blondie said it was very unfair that there were so many beautiful batiks on sale. By this time they were both laughing so hard that mom told Blondie "you can buy this and give me half". To which Blondie agreed. By then, Blondie had caught up with mom (as far as spending went) and they did finally leave.

I let her go out on her own for a little bit and look what happens. Sheesh. Parents. You've got to watch them every minute.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow! She got some cool fabrics!

Karen Jo said...

Don't be hard on them, Roxy. They found some really great fabrics.

Benny and Lily said...

We just love those quilts
Benny & Lily