Saturday, July 17, 2010

Green Beans

I got some fresh green beans today. YEAH! They were delicious. Absolutely tasty as all get out.

And since mom couldn't get a decent photo of me eating the green bean, she had to keep feeding them to me until she did.

Is that awesome or WHAT!

Is this for ME?


Millie said...

Wow. Those beans sure look good!

Jessica Lynne said...

my pugs love green beans, too. JD loves them raw or cooked. the best treat for such sweet pooches :]

Wilma said...

I love a bean! Fresh out of the garden or from a farm market vendor. I'm in heaven.

Yoda & Brutus said...

Yay!! You finally got some of that good stuff. Green Beans are yummy!!

Pugs & Kisses,

Yoda & Brutus

Benny and Lily said...

You are one lucky puggy. YummmE
Benny & Lily

Lilo, The Great Rock Eater said...

Green beans are the best!!! You are one lucky puggy to get fresh ones!!!