Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tattle Tale Tuesday

Today's tattle tale is about Mom. Mom has a fetish. Actually, mom has 2 fetishes. The first is post it notes. Mom LOVES colored post it notes. Absolutely loves them. She buys her own set of all the wild colors and keeps them hidden in the back of her desk so no one "borrows" them. Mom's co-worker knows that to touch these is a "hanging offense." Ha ha See, here they are.

The other fetish mom has is sheets! Mom LOVES colored sheets. The brighter the better.

These two are Isaac Mizrahi sheets that mom bought at Tar-get. They are nice and crisp to sleep on. (300 thread count)

These are mom's two favorite sets of sheets.

This set mom found in Massachusetts. They did not have the queen set at mom's store here in town.

This is mom's least favorite set. They are okay.

Mom bought these because they are "retro". Auntie doesn't like them because they are retro. Mom thinks Auntie is funny.

This is the set mom found at Linen's N Things on Thursday, shopping with Auntie. They had this and a green set. Maybe mom should have bought the green set, as now she has three sets of blue sheets, but she couldn't decide at the time. Auntie thinks mom is crazy to have 6 sets of sheets. Mom told the people at work that and mom's co-worker has 9 sets and her boss has 8 sets. Mom doesn't feel so bad now.

How many sets of sheets do your beans have?


Lux said...

We just have boring sheets - no sense talking about them. ;-)

But my mom has a thing for post-it notes also. She loves the ones that come in different shades of yellow and orange!

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Those are great-looking, colourful sheets! :)

We think our humans have four sets of sheets, but they are all boring - just plain blue in colour.

Monty Q. Kat said...

I think MomBean has three sets and the little beans have 2 sets each.

Are you going to do the Q? :)

Nevis said...

As far as fetishes go, pretty tame!

And I love the new "retro" set!!! Far out, baby!

Rachel said...

hmmm...I find myself pretty boring in this department. We have TWO sets of sheets - both white. One has a damask embossed type pattern and one is the hotel collection from Crate and Barrel with the black piping around the edges. What I do have a passion for is THROW PILLOWS!! Maybe I should take pictures of all my pillows...hmmmmm....

Melissa & Emmitt said...

Your mom is the coolest. I love that she collects post it notes and sheets. I am lost for hours in office supply stores and stores like tj maxx and linens and things because i wander around touching all of the cool supplies and sheet sets. When Fred comes with me, he just knows I will be doing that and to be patient. He looks for olive oil when I am shopping. :)
We have 3 sheet sets. One of them is the exact bright pink IM striped set that you have! I need more sheets!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

I think your Mom has more sheets than anyone I know - possibly more than everyone I know put together. My People have two sets of sheets, but they just use one of them. Woman says they were expensive sheets, so they just wash them often and put them back on the bed.

Daisy said...

We only have boring white sheets. I wish my Mommie would get something like those pretty retro ones!

Chance said...

Donna tells mai Mommie I tol yoo, but she haz a fing fur sheets too. She haz 14 sets! She lyks da differen kinds of dem doh an duzna care bowt da colors. She gots flees an fwannel an satin an all kinds of dem. I lyk da fwannel wuns da best an mayk bizkits on dem all da tym.

Lex said...

I have bright blue, bright purple (both match a striped duvet set), baby blue, beige (and these two match another duvet set!) and chocolate brown (to match the 3rd duvet set) and I want more!! I love the striped sets but the problem with me is, I love the matching duvet or quilt that goes with it! lol

I love colored stickie notes too! I have hot pink, orange and green!!

The Furry Kids said...

Momma has a thing for post-it notes, too. She works with all guys so she always has wild color ones so that no one uses them.

We like the pink and orange stripey sheets. They are very very cool!


Frances Louise said...

Your mom is indeed way cool. Love the bright colors of the post-it notes and the sheets -- what a wonderful pick-me-up!

Mickey said...

I can see why the sheets that are your Mom's least fave are her least fave :) Not colourful enough!! heeheehee
Those sheets are pretty.
Mom likes the hot pink & orange stripes!! I think Mom has 3 sets that she knows of. Pak rat ya know ;)
Purrs Mickey
PeeEss: We were watching House Hunters on TV and the young couple had 2 pugs that looked like you & Lucky,except the girl doggie was wearing a pink dress :o

Mickey said...

That is to say the girl doggie that was tan and looked like Lucky!!

Boo & Company said...

My human has four...she thought she was crazy. Nope, now she needs to play catch up and get more sets! :-) Do you know how excited she is? VERY.