Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Which One Wednesday

Hi! Everyone seems to like the new template and the new colors, but now I have a problem. I asked Luxor about which Lucky picture to put up, and he likes the one I added. But did he see all the alternatives? That's where you come in. Which One Wednesday! Which picture of Lucky should I post? Should she be awake or asleep? Should PlusOne be in the picture? Please help me.

Here are the awake photos.

1) Backpack Lucky. Ready to go anywhere!

2) With PlusOne.

3) Surveying her queendom.

4) Right after a bath! HA HA HA

5) So pretty! (Gag me!)

6) Stop worrying, Lucky.

7) Comfy cozy.
8) Just waking up.

9) In the sun with PlusOne

10) Wonder who chewed on the rocker leg?

11) What a look!
12) I like this one. It shows she's silly!

13) Hello, I am Lucky!

Here are the asleep photos.

1) On PlusOne's lap.

2) With dolphin.

3) On the sofa.

4) With PlusOne, of course.

5) On memere's quilt.

6) With PlusOne's nap blankie!

7) Blogging with PlusOne.

9) Ignoring the storm.

Just post your vote in the comment section. Awake and the number or asleep and the number! Thanks for your help!


Lux said...

:::fanning myself::: It's awfully hot in here.

I still like the one up now, plus I like awake 5, awake 7, and asleep 5. I can't just choose one!

Lin said...

Awake: 5, 11, 13

We like the new colors.

Lin's 5 Fur Kids

The Cat Realm said...

This is hard! Definitely awake. We think. Our votes: 3,5,11,13. we can't narrow it down....
Thank you so much for your condolences regarding the loss of our sweet Emil, we appreciate your coming by!
Karl and Mrs. OZ

Karen Jo said...

Awake, definitely. I am torn between Awake #5 and Awake #13, but I think I like Awake #5 better, by a hair.

Dragonheart & Merlin said...

Those are all cute photos! :) We like both #5s - awake and asleep. :)

Mickey said...

Oh Roxy,I like your new look too!!
Mom was going to change hers,but never gat around to it!!! Lazy Mom ;)
We like #11. It's the eyes and the close up!!! You're cute Lucky!!
You too Roxy :)
Purrs Mickey

Rachel said...

I like AWAKE #5&9
BUT, I also like the one you already have posted. What pretty pictures! It was a tough call.

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Those are a lot to choose from! I like awake #5 best though.

Anonymous said...

I like #5 or #13 the best.


Frances Louise said...

Hmmm. Awake #3 is what I pick!

Chance said...

Mai favorit iz Awake #3. She luks furry cyoot in dat wun.

Page said...

My vote is for awake #11!

Jemima Jones Beck said...

Mom and I like #5 of the asleep pictures or #9 of the awake pictures!
Jemima Jones Beck

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh it's hard to choose. I like 5 and 6 awake best (right now) and Asleep I like 6 and 9? Where is number 8? If I come back tomorrow things might change... They are all so cute!!!!

Daisy said...

My favorite is awake #11. Because look at that face!

Anonymous said...

I like the one up as well! :) And they are all pretty cute pictures but I would have to say awake #6

Melissa & Emmitt said...

OMG! this is hard! Each one i look at all i can say is cuuuuute!

ok, i have made my choices.

#5 (so pretty)
or the current pic with plusone

#5 (on memere's quilt)

m & e

Punchbugpug said...

I like the one your using now with plus one....

Clover said...

All such cute choices!! My favourite is the one that is up now, but my runner up choice is Awake #5
Love Clover xo

Clover said...

Oh, and I love the new template! :)

The Furry Kids said...

We vote for awake #5!

Anonymous said...

I love the new blog look! and how to choose from sooo many beautiful pics. Abby and cush vote for awake #5 toooo cute! xoxo

Aniemother said...

Looking good! We vote for awake 4!


TooCutePugs said...

Oh, my gosh! They are all great but we choose #8, awake.

Love the new colors!

Pug love from,
Pearl & Daisy

Harry Pugalicious said...

We like awake #'s 2 and 5. Lucky is so pretty :-)

Team Tabby said...

We like 'so pretty' and 'blogging with PlusOne'

Mindy & Moe

Sophie Brador said...

OMD, I keep losing count. But Lucky is such a cutie puggie. Sorry Roxy. Not as cute as you, of course.

So, for a relatively healthy dog, I sure keep getting sick. I've had the runs for two weeks and mom can't figure out what's going on. But I'm loving the rice and chicken and pumpkin diet.