Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Sleepover

Despite their being four eleven year olds eating pizza, (and watching Transformers) Lucky and I did not get a speck of food.

See Lucky under the coffee table? She was going for the subtle approach.

I was trying to say hi to the boy on the end. See me? See him wanting to pet me? That was not good enough for me.

I tried to show him just how much I wanted pizza. It didn't work. He didn't give me any. And no one dropped anything for Lucky to pounce on. They didn't drop any Boston Creme Pie or ice cream either. I didn't even get the wrapper for the ice cream sandwiches.

I have to say, as far as birthday parties go, this one was no fun.


Lex said...

Oh no! That doesn't sound like a fun party for you! Sounds like lots of fun for PlusOne and his friends!!
Well it's funny... Gus lays down nicely at class... not so much at home!

Don't worry your mom won't take you to school unless you never ever listen!!

Mickey said...

What!!!!! No treat?!! The boys were neat?!! Amazing! Four boys and they were neat!!!!!
You're right Roxy,that party was no fun for doggies :(
Maybe your Mom will give you and Lucky extra scritches. It's not the same,I know,but maybe she might take pity on you and give you a tiny treat :)
Purrs Mickey
(who can't believe the 4 boys were neat) heeheehee

Monty Q. Kat said...

Four boys? Nah, not a chance of food getting dropped or left around. Come over here-BabyBean is always leaving a snack on the little table. Ooh-I taught her how to feed me cheese too, I know she'd be happy to practice with you!

Happy Birthday PlusOne!!

Beezer said...

Not even that joocy crust on PlusOne's plate? That stinks.

Parker said...

That's just wrong! Oh, your snow is waiting!

Nevis said...

Lucky and Roxy!!! You're so cute~!

Lux said...

I can't believe those boys didn't give either of you *anything to eat!!! That was mean!

Team Tabby said...

Those boys must have been really hungry, usually they is messy enough to drop something!

Mindy & MOe

The O'Furry Kids said...

Happy belated birthday to PlusOne!
That birthday party seems kinda stinky. No one dropped anything?! Grrr.