Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Give Away

This came from Parker. She thinks that Millie and I are going to come and get all the snow that fell in O-hi-O. Boy, is she in for a big surprise.

According to everyone, they had a record snowfall in O-hi-O. Parker is sadly mistaken if she thinks I want any more snow. So that snow is going to stay there until it melts. And if that is June. then so be it.


Millie said...

Uh, Roxy, Parker is a she. Just like you and Lucky and me!

But I'm with you on the snow bit. It can stay right where it is!

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

Oh my! That's a lot of snow!

Daisy said...

I would not mind taking a little bit of snow; just enough to build a snowman and play around in!

Anonymous said...

haha send it our way! :)

Fat Eric said...

We haven't had a single snowflake in London all winter this year. Most years we only get about 3 days of snow all winter. But this year, nothing. Must be that global warming stuff again.

We do however have gale force winds this week which are blowing over fences and trees and TV aerials all over the place. I do not like the wind blowing my fur. I am staying indoors.

Melissa & Emmitt said...

That is just too funny! no more snow!!!
emmitt and i are saying that for you!
m & e