Tuesday, December 11, 2007

News, The Good, The Bad and The SAY WHAT?

First, the GOOD news. I do NOT have a tumor on my liver. Yeah! And my liver is the size it SHOULD be although it is darker than normal. My gall bladder looks okay too! The lady vet couldn't really see my pancreas because I ate, and I wasn't supposed to. I am peeing and pooping normally and I am not barfing. Those are all good things. Very good things, actually. Also, I do not act like I am sick. In fact, I was "squirmy" while the lady vet was trying to do the ultrasound. Who me? Do you believe that?

The BAD news. They do not know what is wrong with my liver enzymes levels. The lady vet said she had RARELY seen them that high. Since liver enzyme levels take about two weeks to lower, they are going to check me again in two weeks when I go for my bladder/urinary infection check up. Mom will talk to the main vet, Dr. L. tomorrow, then she will know more.

The SAY WHAT? Did you see what they did to me? Look at me!

They shaved little squares on me. Can you believe that? And they did it on both sides! See!

Can you believe that? And the other thing, mom brought something into the house that is scaring me. It is a PTU. Or otherwise known as a Prisoner Transport Unit. I think mom is going to crate me because I get into too much trouble loose. Can you believe that! After all I have been through?

When the nurse brought me out to mom, I jumped out of the nurse's arms and into mom's and gave her the biggest welcome I have ever given her. She had to sit down because I was so excited to see her, and what is she going to do to me after I give her such a wonderful welcome. Lock me away! It's unfair It's cruel and unusual punishment. It's terrible, I tell you. Terrible.
I am going to have to think of a way to torture her for this. I really am.

I want to thank everyone who's sending me prayers and good thoughts. I needed them today, while I was getting ultra-sounded. I think mom needed them too. She looked a little stressed whenshe picked me up. Now, if everything would just go back to normal, it would be all right


Crikit, Sparky & Ginger said...

Hi Roxy yeah for the GOOD news, will keep the doggies prayers going for the Bad news to turn into good news and OMD they stole your fur! Or maybe they want you to sport a new style hmmm... no they stole your fur!

Golly the PTU sounds scary so sorry we don't know what that's like but we hope it's not too awful but don't do anything to torture your mommy cos she is already stressed enough worring about your numbers.

We want everything to go back to normal fast too so no one worries.

Lots of Love Licks to you & your humans, waggin tails and barking loud at those who stole your fur!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am ever so glad that you don't have a tumor. I hope that you will have normal enzymes in two weeks!

That would be very good!!!

Mickey said...

ROXY!!!! That is sounding good!!!
I'll still send Purrayers to be safe ! But it is mostly good news,YAY!
If you torture your Mom ,do NOT barf,poop or pee in a wrong spot!!! She will think you are sick again. Whap a ball off the tree or shred some TP.That will work! Heehee
As for your shaved spots? It's a new fashion statement! Beans pierce their ears,you get shaved patches!!
You still look good kiddo :)
Purrs Mickey

Team Tabby said...

It is such good news that you do not have a tumor and that your gall bladder is okay. Whew! We sure hope the enzyme levels drop quickly and do not spike again. you might have to suffer the vet again and go in the PTU, but better than being sick. Those pics of you are adorable, even if someone stole your fur. Tall son got his head buzzed, so maybe it is a fashion thing and you are fitting right in with that,heh. you better help your mom with relieving her stress, and curl up beside her.

Mindy & Moe

Beezer said...


I am so glad all the tests say you are OK. I'm sure everything will be even more OK whens ya goes back in a few weeks.

O the PTU really isn't that bad I sleeps in my all the time. A-course the door isn't shut.

Punchbugpug said...

We will continue to send good Puggy vibes your way! Those square are sort of cool...

Katie said...

Yea for the good new. We will keep praying and sending healing thoughts your way. And, about the crate thingy.. ... Yea.. that requires punishment. You'll have to think of something really good to get your mom back with!

Frances Louise said...

Hey, those little squares look like cool tattoos -- makes you look tougher!

Seriously, we are all VERY happy to hear your ultrasound went well. And glad to know that you are still as exasperating as ever.

By the way, what is the PTU and how big is it? It sounds very scary . . .

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Hi Roxy, pleased to meet you, I came over via Crikit, Sparky and Ginger's Blog to wish you well.

Sorry about the chocolate eating fest - and sorry to hear about your liver probs.

I have raised liver function so have been through the scans and stuff, although they don't know what caused my liver function to be so raised.

I hope you feel better real soon and I am sending good healing Marvin Licks to you.

Marvin in Scotland xxxxxxxx

Poppy Q said...

Roxy dat is great news for yoo. I am pleased dat you has not grown any nasties in your liver.

Sorry you had to get in a PTU. Tell us cats about it, we always get stuck in one.

Hopes you feels better soon and your shaved squares heal up. Tell your mommy not to cry, it is a good sign dat you jumping about and acting happy.

Amber-Mae said...

Hey there!

Glad to hear you don't have a tumor. That would be terrible! But oh no, your belly's shaved! It's ok, you still look great eventho your underbelly is balled. I will be thinking about you Roxy!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Daisy said...

I think those little shaved squares look very exotic and cute. I think in two weeks your enzymes will be back to normal and you can forget all about it. That is what I am purring for.

Ferndoggle said...

Well we are certainly glad you don't have a tumor or an icky gall bladder. We'll say lots of special prayers that everything turns out OK. Maybe you just have gas...

If they had to steal your furs, at least they were consistant. It could be worse...you could be lopsided!


Sherman, Penny & Lola

Goodboy Norman Featherstone said...

That is good news Roxy. Maybe the test was just a fluke! Maybe there is nothing wrong at all, just a contaminated sample or something. We're still thinking about you over here!

Monty Q. Kat said...

YOu could always get a little tattoo where they shaved your furs. ;)

The Meezers said...

well thank goodness you doesn't haf a tumor!!!we will keep purraying that your liver enzymes go down for the next test!

well, at least you match on bof sides - we like Monty Q's idea, getting tattoos. hee hee

Clover said...

Hi Roxy,

I hope you are doing ok. Please give your mom some kisses for me. I am thinking good thoughts and crossing my paws for you!

Love Clover xo

Jan said...

Hey, Roxy,
PTUs don't sound like fun. You better get well and behave so your mom will parole you.

Jan's Funny Farm

The Furry Kids said...

Roxy, I have to get confined, too. Because I am what the V-E-T calls an "indiscriminate eater." I will eat anything that's not nailed down when I get left alone. Sorry to hear about the PTU. That sucks.

We're so glad that you don't have a tumor on your liver. (And I'm super sorry about the shaved furs - that blows). We're praying that your enzymes go back to normal very, very soon. And our Mom's sending hugs to your Mom because she knows how askeery it is to have a sick furbaby.


Melissa & Emmitt said...

Roxy, that is excellent news! I know your liver enzymes will be in the normal range the next time you go back to the vet in a couple of weeks. Sometimes the readings are off because of human error, plus you did have an infection, so it makes sense the numbers are reading out of the normal range. Who know what your normal is exactly, so please do not worry, especially if you are feeling and acting so good!

Maggie & Mitch said...

We heard about you at Clover's blog! We're sending AireZen your way and hoping that you feel better soon!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Suki Sumo said...

Well, I am glad that your tests came back and there is no tumor on your liver. I'm thinking about you, Roxy, the cuterest pug on pugaday!

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Roxy...
So glad you are feeling better and I think you will be starting a new style trend with the shaving!!! You look very cool!!! I keep my paws crossed for ya!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby