Sunday, December 23, 2007

Vet Visit and A Grumpy Boy

I went to the vet today. I was very good on the ride over. But when we went in, I started to shake and shake and mom had to hold me to calm down. After five to ten minutes I was better. I walked around and sniffed things, but I did not go far from mom. Of course I couldn't eat anything and I was supposed to pee so mom could bring it in to the doctor, but I refused. He said I had a full bladder when he checked me out.

The nurse grabbed my leash and tried to weigh me. I didn't move from mom's side. She was going to have to drag me, so mom stepped in and came to the scale with me. I lost almost half a pound in the last two weeks. Who can blame me, after all the stress of this week. Mom gave me big treats when I got home, but I am getting ahead of myself. The vet checked me out and took me away from mom to take my blood. I wasn't happy about that, but they brought me back to her. Thank goodness. I was afraid she was gonna karate chop people if they didn't.

Mom has to call Monday morning to get the results. The vet said that I really sort of should been d-e-a-d with enzyme levels that high, but I am not. Too stubborn, mom says.

Now, to lighten things up. These are from a pug meet-up a couple of years ago. Notice how happy the boy looks.

Notice how unhappy I look. I mean really, would you be happy in this position?

Come on, tell the truth. How many of you want antlers on your head?

And of course little Miss Perfect looks adorable. As always. What do those valley girls say, "Gag me with a spoon?" No, I am NOT jealous.

So anyway, the boy has been grumpy because of this Santa thing. Memere talked to him and told him Santa was love but he's not buying it. He was grumpy at his cello lesson and mom was worried. Then they came home and ate dinner and he started watching Iron Chef America. Mom was watching it with him. She was lying flat on her back on the couch and Lucky and I jumped up on her.

The black under my belly is mom's sweatshirt. My butt was up against the right side of her head, and on her right shoulder. I was on her right arm.

I know this is a little fuzzy, but this is how Lucky sleeps on mom. Not that mom minded, because she fell sound asleep and started snoring! LOUDLY! Even dad said it was loud. She woke up after it was over, asked who won, and figured she better post the blog, then hit the hay. Tomorrow her best friend of 27 years is supposed to come over and make bread with her and hang out. Yup, like they're gonna get a lot done. NOT! See you then.


Cheysuli and gemini said...

Oh I think it is good that you are still alive. Maybe that means that your liver enzymes have gone way down. I hope so!

I hated have antlers on too. Momma tried that last year.

I will purr to hear good news next week!

Team Tabby said...

We are hoping for good results on Monday, Roxy. We hate antlers and hats.

Moe & Mindy

Mickey said...

Hi Roxy! I will still purray for good results on Monday:)
You look SO sad with those antlers on :( I would be too. I might be inclined to put the bitey on Mom if she tries that on me!
Good thing you did not toot while your butt was right on Mom's head!! Heehee;)
Purrs Mickey

MERRY CHRISTMAS To all your family :)

Daisy said...

Ah, Roxy, look at your sad little face with those antlers. Wearing stuff on the head is very hard, so I don't blame you one bit.

Oh gosh, I can hardly stand the suspense waiting to hear about your test results. I think if we all send enough positive thoughts, your test results will be GOOD!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

You two really are such cuties!!
We are hopeful for a good v-e-t result for you!

Beezer said...


Purrs and paws crossed for the test results!

Watta mean they won't give ya any of the fresh bread??? That is an out rage! When mine mombean was growing up they had a dog that liked to eat garlic bread! Lotsa garlic and butter then toasted in the oven.
Me, I'm a cat. Won't go near any of that stuff.

The photo close-up of you in the boys's lap says it all. Made mine mombean laugh & laugh.

Sophie Brador said...

Roxy, I sure hope you get good results tomorrow. I can't go back in for more bloodwork until next week, after the holidays, but I'm feeling lots better. I hope you are too.


The Furry Kids said...

We're so sorry you had to wait all weekend for the results. (((hugs))) to all of you. We're crossing all our paws and sending lots of hugs and purrs and purrayers for a great result for tomorrow.

Lux said...

Oh Roxy, I hope the news is good on Monday ... I love those pictures of all of you.

Hi Lucky!


P.S. Merry Christmas!

Dragonheart and Merlin said...

I hope all your bloodwork comes back normal, Roxy, I am purring and praying for you.