Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday Sleeping Late

Dad says he is sleeping late tomorrow. Mom laughs. Dad's idea of sleeping late is getting up at 6:30 am instead of 4:00 am. But that's okay. He deserves to sleep in. He works hard. I surprised mom the other night by going to bed with him, leaving her downstairs to finish up on the blog. Dad was surprised too. I was surprised when mom stuck her freezing cold feet on my nice warm belly. AIEEEEEE!

This is one of Memere's paintings. Memere is having an art show tomorrow, and mom, dad and the boy are going. Maybe the boy will dress up nice, like he did today, for Dress Up Day.

Mom says all the girls are going to go crazy over him when he hits 16. Mom is not looking forward to that at all.

I think dad will look like this tomorrow morning at 4:00 am. What do you think?

Mom got lots of comments about the photos yesterday, and how Lucky was so "lucky" to get us. That's why mom and the boy named her Lucky. Because they were lucky to get her and she was lucky to get us. I was lucky too, because I got all of them.


Mickey said...

I think yer Dad should sleep in too.That way you get to snuggle longer :)
About the Boy,Mom says you might not have to wait until he's 16!!Heehee!
Mom also saw that pic that Memere painted fom her Utah trip. She liked it a lot.
We think she will do well at her show. Ask your Mom to say Hi to her and wish her luck(though Mom already did)

We can't wait to hear about the show!

Dragonheart said...

The Boy looks very nice all dressed up! My mom thinks he'll be a heartbreaker when he's a little older!

Good luck to Memere with her art show. :)

Monty Q. Kat said...

Oy, MomBean tries to use me for a handwarmer and she gets cold!

And nobody is allowed to mention KidBean's upcoming birthday. It makes Mombean kinda twitch when you say '5'. She should get that looked at...

Jeanne said...

Thank you so much for putting my painting on your blog. I love the picture of Lucky looking so relaxed. I seem to be getting a cold but I am sure by 4:00 pm I will be OK for the opening of my show.
ps the boy is gorgeous. I love you all.

Daisy said...

The boy looks very handsome all dressed up like that!

Lux said...

An art show sounds wonderful! Isn't that rock art in that painting (my mom's boss is an archaeologist with a specialty in rock art)?

Jan said...

Good luck to Memere. And to you - when your dad falls asleep at 7 a.m., we hope you are already on his lap so you can nap together.

Jan's Funny Farm residents

Team Tabby said...

What a nice picture of the boy, he looks all growed up dressed like that and very handsome.

Mindy & Moe

Melissa & Emmitt said...

We love the painting! Good luck at the show!
Oh, my momma is the same way...6:30 am is sleeping in. That is ok with me though because I am up at 5:00 bliking in the dark waiting for breakfast everyday!

Pugsley, Buster, Cricket & Daisy said...

We agree the boy be very handsome. Hope the art show went well.

Four Pugz