Friday, February 29, 2008


Yes, here I am doing quality control on the quilt pieces. The pile right behind me is the reject pile, the pieces mom does not want to use. Maybe I will show you those, later.

Mom is sick. She did not go to karate Tuesday or Thursday. I guess she is sick. She will go tonight. She is getting better slowly. Then she plans to quilt.

In other news, Moe & Mindy gave us this Toadally Awesome Award. They think I am awesome. How cool is that.

Thanks Moe & Mindy. We think you are awesome too.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen pieces going in the Meezer Quilt. Mom has a cold, so she is going a little slower than planned. She is very excited about working on the quilt. She gets excited about these things. Especially when Lucky and I sit on the fabric.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day Off Tuesday

Mom has today off. I think there will be lots of snuggling involved.

Like this.

Or like this.

Lucky's dreaming! Mom is supposed to work on the quilt with Auntie. Except that Auntie called to say that she had the creepy crawlie cruds. Then she had the runs. (Why would she go running in this weather?)

So maybe Auntie and mom will not be working on the quilt together. Maybe mom will be able to snuggle with us after all. Hmm. We shall have to see what happens. Hope Auntie feels better. But not too soon.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fabric, Fabric, Everywhere

Here I am giving mom the eye, because Lucky is on her lap and not me. I am on dad's lap. And while I may look comfortable on dad's lap. I really am not.

Because I am not on mom's lap. So guess what I did?

You guessed it. I climbed on mom's lap, right next to Lucky. Good thing mom is accommodating.

Now, mom and Auntie are making a QUEEN size quilt, and raffling it off for the Meezers. The Meezers are a great blogging family of Siamese cats (and now one almost Meezer) that have had some really rotten luck with jobs and unemployment. Mom and Auntie wanted to help so after Auntie made the quilt to raffle for Churchill's vet bills, they decided to make a quilt to raffle for the Meezers. Mom said they needed a queen size quilt. Mom wants it big because if you have a dog that jumps on your covers, then the quilt hike up on the side and air goes up your backside. So mom talked Auntie into making it 90" x 102". The tickets are ten dollars each. You have to go to Auntie's blog to buy a ticket.

So, Auntie needs fabric, and whenever Auntie needs fabric, she always comes over to see mom, and what mom has. (Mom is a fabric hog. If she sees it and likes it, she buys it. Even if she is not ready for it yet, because she knows if she doesn't buy it, she will never find it again.) So anyway, Auntie comes over and raids mom's stash.

This is what mom's stash looks like. She has them separated by color.

I think this is going to be a fun project. Auntie is coming over at 8:30 Tuesday morning to start sewing with mom. The Bicker Sisters will be at it again.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunny ? Sunday

This is a self portrait. The boy took us out to do our business and thought he would take some pictures.

Isn't he funny?

This is me hoping mom will give me some broccoli. Or peas. Whichever. But I do love broccoli more.

Mom went to a birthday party tonight. It is one of her black belt friends. There were a couple other black belts there. It was a fun party. But somehow they always end up talking about hitting people, sticks and knives. I wonder why that is.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Boy is Better

The boy woke mom up at 6:25 this morning, to tell he about the weird dream he had. Since he was so talkative, mom knew he was feeling better. Doesn't he look it?

Mom thanks everyone for their healing thoughts. She was very happy that he got over it so quickly, and it didn't last for days like some people have had.

Lucky was being her usual "kissing" self", letting the boy know how happy SHE was that he is feeling better.

Dad took Lucky and I out in the snow, while it was snowing, to do our business. This is what Lucky thought of that.

I wasn't too enthusiastic about it either, but at least I didn't SIT IN THE SNOW!

Hey Lucky, isn't your butt cold? Silly dog.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fearsome Friday

See this picture of the boy? Doesn't he look so cute and darling, sleeping so innocently?

Well, this afternoon mom received a phone call from the afterschool program director. Uh-oh mom thought, what's wrong. Turns out, the boy is not feeling well. In fact, he is sitting there, like a lump, not doing much of anything, not even talking! Sitting, like a lump, not doing anything, or talking? The boy is SICK! Mom left work right away and when she got to school, she was told he had just thrown up three or four times. Uh-oh! And he looked sick, too. He was real pale, he had dark circles under his eyes and mom said he was hot, and not a good hot. He laid down on the sofa and didn't like it when I tried to climb on him. He got sick several more times. He even missed his karate class.

Mom went to class, because, of course, we are expecting more snow. It's Friday, we must have more snow. We haven't had any for a whole week, can't have that now, can we. So mom went to class and when she came back he hadn't thrown up for over two hours. So mom sat on the couch with him and cuddled him up close to her and he fell sound asleep.

Mom hopes he feels better for tomorrow, the last day of school before his vacation, mainly because he looked so pathetic, it made her heart break to see him so sick.

Next week, mom and Auntie are going to work on their project for the Meezers. You can read all about it at Auntie's. Millie is having a very hard time getting information out of Auntie (hee hee) but I'll be happy to tell you that we are making a ...


Uh, never mind. Go read all about it at Millie's. Bye!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

When all else fails, break out the puppy pictures.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Where's Lucky?

I don't see her anywhere.

Do you?

I don't think the boy knows where she is either.

I think she must be burrowed deep under the blankets, somewhere behind the boy's back. I bet she's nice and warm, don't you?