Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mostly Martha Saturday

Auntie came over tonight, because dad went out with his scooter buddies. (Yes, Kimo & Sabi, Millie's mom.) Auntie is a fabulous cook. Mom pretty much licks the plate clean of anything Auntie makes. Tonight Auntie made this pasta, tomato, tuna, lemon and capers stuff. It was really good. Actually, it was pretty fantastic. Mom was 3/4 of the way done when Auntie said "Do you like it?" Dumb question. You can see from the bowl how little is left over.

Then we turned on the DVD of Mostly Martha. I know that I always bark at Auntie, but I really like her. As you can see from this photo.

And this photo.

And this photo.

And this photo.

Mom enjoyed the movie, even though she nearly started crying. But the ending made mom happy, so now it is time for bed.

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Scratching Through The Week

You may think that is a pretty weird title I have come up with. But when I tell you the meaning behind it, you will understand. The Sunday before last, mom helped dad do some yardwork. She trimmed the bushes, and the weeds behind the bushes. What mom didn't know, was that she caught poison sumac or poison ivy. So by last Thursday, mom had a rash that was really itchy. Mom didn't know what it was. Over the weekend it got worse. On Monday, mom was going crazy but still couldn't figure out what it was. On Tuesday people at work said she had poison sumac or ivy. Mom went to the doctor and got steroids. And lots of anti itch cream. Then mom got grumpy. Which is a side effect of steroids. Mom is not ususally grumpy so it was pretty hard for her. The people at work thought it was pretty fun when mom said she was grumpy, because they all knew why, even before she did.
Yesterday, it still wasn't getting better, so mom called the doctor and they put her on a higher dose of steroids. She will be taking steroids for five more days. She went to karate class last night.
What do you think could be worse than a steroid taking grumpy black belt momzilla?

I think I will be really really good for the next five days.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Scooter Dog

Dad belongs to a scooter group. Tonight his friends dropped over and showed dad their car carrier for their Min Pin that they mounted on the back of the bike. Dad, of course, decided that I should check out the carrier.

It was interesting.

I wasn't sure what to make of it.

There was the smell of another dog in it.

So I, of course, tried to figure that out.

Then dad decided he had had enough, and said it was time for bed.

Phew! See what I have to put up with? I am so glad he did not take me for a ride. I am not sure I would have liked it.

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

For our Thursday Thirteen Lucky and I thought we would tell you thirteen things we are thankful for.

1) Lucky - I am thankful that mom and dad and the boy took me out of the cage and brought me into their house with a yard where I can run around to my heart's content.

2) Roxy - I am thankful that mom brought me home to be a sister to Lucky.

3) Lucky - That's not fair, I was going to say that I was thankful that mom brought you home so I had a playmate.

4) Roxy - I am thankful that mom loves taking me for walks, or jogs.

5) Lucky - I am thankful that I get to sleep on a nice warm bed with the boy, who loves me a whole lot.

6) Roxy - I am thankful that I get to sleep in bed with mom and dad, that it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

7) Lucky - I am thankful that mom doesn't send me to a kennel when she has to go away. I get to stay with memere and pepere and be loved just as much as I am with mom, dad, and the boy.

8) Roxy - I am thankful that mom understands I love broccoli and green beans and feeds me some, every now and then.

9) Lucky - I am thankful that mom understands if I can't walk as fast as Roxy.

10) Roxy - I am thankful that mom cares so much about me that she makes sure I don't get too fat (which is bad for my heart and back.)

11) Lucky - I am thankful that mom took me to the vet late at night when my knee was hurting and wouldn't let me be in pain (and that she knows that being overweight would be bad for my knee.)(And that she would never drop me off on a street corner when I no longer served a purpose for her, like this dog she read about in the newspaper.)

12) Roxy - I am thankful that mom understands that I am not always perfect, and doesn't throw me outside in a doghouse when I flip over the boy's birthday cake, eat some chicken out of the grocery bag, spread the garbage everywhere, eat her pens, pencils, erasers, the boy's gingerbread house...

13) Lucky - Okay, okay, we get the picture. I am thankful that I am with people who love me and pay attention to me all the time, not just when they feed me.

And since Roxy took mine about being her sister, I am also thankful that I got to know Muffie, and comfort her in the time after Bridget died.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In The Doghouse

Yesterday Beezer was telling me about how he was "In The Doghouse" because his mother left coffee out where he could reach and, naturally, he checked it out. And it spilled. And his mom jumped out of the shower (with stuff in her hair) to clean it up. Then, after her shower, she cleaned it up again. She told Beezer he was in the doghouse. Beezer asked me about the doghouse, and I told him what it meant. But in no way did I think Beezer deserved to be in the doghouse. It was all his mother's fault.

Tomorrow Monty will undoubtedly be in the doghouse for his unflattering comments about his mother seen on his blog, Survival of the Furriest. Monty's on his own. I'm afraid there's no help for him.

Well, I am in the doghouse. Or rather, I was this morning. Mom was opening the curtains after her shower and she stepped in my business in the spare bedroom. With bare feet! I knew I was in trouble when I heard her. ROX - Y!!! And then she gave me the LOOK. I am sure you all know what look I am referring to. So I hung my head in shame, sort of like I'm doing in the photo above and tried to play Little Miss Innocent. Except Little Miss Innocent was still under the covers, sleeping, blissfully unaware of my impending doom.

Well, there's a reason I am named the Devil Dog!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Mom slept late this morning. After eating, and doing my business, I jumped back in bed and slept by her side, keeping her company, until she finally got out of bed. It was a beautiful day so she decided to take us for a walk. The boy wanted to ride his scooter.

Mr. Karate gave him this scooter. The boy likes it a lot. Can you tell?

I like going for a walk, but I have to read my mail.

Lucky decided that she was going to walk herself. Mom thought it was pretty funny.

Then Lucky decided to play in the grass.

And I stopped to read my mail.

We stopped by a friend's house. Her name is Miss Judy. This is her new dog, Jesse. Here, Lucky is saying hello. Jesse is part daschund and part retriever or lab. Mom & Miss Judy hoped that the mom wasn't daschund.

Her Lucky is telling Jesse to be nice. We joined Jesse in the backyard and I chased Jesse and Jesse chase me until mom decided that it was time to go home. The boy wanted to walk Lucky, but she walks too slow for the scooter.

So I got to run along side the scooter with him.

It was fun. I like to run. But then mom wanted me back. She thought I might be tired after all my playing with Jesse. As if. And that is not the reason why I am conked out on the sofa as she is typing this now.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Silly Sunday

Lucky here. I thought I would set the record straight. Again!

Is this Roxy's idea of not sleeping in a silly position? I don't think so.

Or of sleeping on the weirdest things? Like mom's gi, back when she was a green belt?

Or there's this one, taken tonight. Looks like she's all cuddled up right?

She's cuddled up all right, underneath the sofa pillow that she knocked off the back cushion so she could sleep the way she wanted.

I mean, come on, is that not a silly picture or what? And she says I am silly. I don't sleep under pillows, just blankets. But then, you decide. I know you are wise to her ways.

Have a nice Sunday.

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Silly Saturday

Today is Silly Saturday. Devoted to silly pictures of my silly sister. I, of course, never act silly or undignified. And now the show will commence.

Lucky's first new coat, as a puppy, and learning about the camera flash!

Sleeping in the weirdest position ever!

Licking the boy's foot!

Who would ever sit there?

I don't know who is sillier, the boy or Lucky's position.

Enjoy your Silly Saturday.

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Finally Finished!

Read the comments from last night and you'll see a perfect example of "The Bicker Sisters!" I think mom does it on purpose, because she was laughing as she typed.

Here is the quilt going together. Auntie is correct, mom did not make her rectangles perfect like auntie. Mom felt it gave her "options."

This is the checkerboard that auntie and mom thought they would put in the quilt so memere could play checkers with her grandchildren without getting out of bed.

But, there was something wrong. It just didn't "sing." It was dark and sort of dreary.

So auntie made another one.

Don't you think this one is better? And here is the finished product.

Memere was very happy. And very proud of her two wonderful daughters. She shows the quilt to everyone, and I do mean everyone.

That's the story. Back to dogs tomorrow!

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Bicker Sisters

Mom and Auntie love to go fabric shopping together. The lady at the fabric store calls mom and auntie the "Bicker Sisters" not because they fight. Oh my goodness, no, they don't fight. They purposely show each other fabrics they know the other will hate. So mom will show one to auntie who goes, "Gross!" And Auntie will show one back to mom who goes "Gag me!" And on and on it goes. They are actually having a ball, and they really don't care what anyone thinks of them, because they are having so much fun. The lady at the fabric store always likes to see them because they will show her what they are working on or just make her day a little more fun.

Here are the twelve fabrics that mom and auntie decided had to be in the quilt. Both of them got these fabrics and had to use them so the quilt would look somewhat uniform.

Here is the quilt going together, after the rectangles were done. Can you guess who made the rectangle?

Both the main rectangles in the pictures above were made by auntie.

This one was mom's. Notice how mom doesn't always have straight lines? She likes to be different.

This one is also mom's.

This one is auntie's.

This is a mom piece.

This is an auntie piece.

Here it is going together. I am checking it for quality assurance. (This IS my blog after all.)

This is a mom piece. She made all the crooked pieces just because she thought it would drive auntie nuts.

Lucky approved this piece.

I mean really approved this piece. Can't you tell?

Tomorrow, the checkerboard problem and the final quilt, ready for memere.

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