Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Living La Vida Loca - On The Road

Samantha and Tigger got us this great ride. Georgia and Tillie pimped it up good. We even ran it around the Daytona Raceway a couple times until they started chasing us because a cat was driving. I think it was Miles, but I can't be too sure because I was hanging on for dear life.

We had lunch with Captain Jack and Dante. I got to chase a turkey before they told me it was a petting zoo. Darn. But then they had turkey for me to eat. Yum.

Daisy had the most amazing Lizard Stew and lots of great meat. Everyone was happy and well fed. Daisy is a very good hostess. She had lots of toys for everyone to play with and she helped Lucky find the perfect outfit for meeting Luxor for the first time. I really like Daisy. She is very sweet. Lucky was thilled by Daisy's generosity and fabulous fashion sense.

We have some new arrivals. Lots of them. China, Willow, Sanjee, Bounce, Lucy, Trixie and PoppyQ. Everyone is welcome. We are having lots of fun. Too much for me to post, so you have to go to everyone's blog to read it all. I have listed the names in my sidebar to make it easy for people to follow us.

Of course, following a red double decker with twenty something cats and two dogs shouldn't be too hard.

I understand we are going to a hoe down in Galveston. A bar-b-que! That should be lots of fun.

Well, I need to get some sleep. Running this show is pretty tiring. Lucky is being very good about it all, but she has a one track mind and it's called Luxor. We are on the last leg of our journey and she is getting impatient. I will have to see if someone can give her a massage so she can relax and look good for him.

See you all later. Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Life From The Road

Lucky was worried we wouldn't be able to sneak out undetected, but mom went to bed early, the boy followed her soon after and dad was too busy with the Red Sox.

Millie picked up Dragonheart at the airport. Georgia, Tillie, Mindy and Moe came in by bus and brought Karl too! We had a wonderful breakfast at the Meezers, (boy, was it good) and then we met Abby, Sam's girlfriend. We went to this Toy Museum and played thundering herd of elephants. Oh, it was so much fun tackling someone other than Lucky. Then we went and picked up Parker, who was complaining that Rudy was hogging the Halloween Gizzy Quilt. I would have given Rudy whatfor, but I was a guest and didn't want to be rude.

Monty had a beautiful dinner ready for us. He took us sightseeing (quickly, we are on a tight schedule) then introduced us to Mr. Chen and Ollie, who joined us for the trip.

I heard that Gemini and Tara might join us, but Gemini is afraid of pugs. What? Lucky scary?HA HA HA. Now that's funny! Me on the other hand, well, mom calls me the "chicken dog" too.

As we pass through Atlanta, we are going to say hi to Captain Jack and Dante and then we will see Samantha and Tigger in Daytona, right before we see Daisy (who I so hope helps Lucky with her wardrobe.)

Meanwhile, I have to keep and eye on Dragonheart. He keeps forgetting we are not on the Autobahn and that there are SPEED LIMITS here in the states. Other than that, he drives very well.

And I have to referee the radio station. I haven't been able to get anyone to agree on any one station, so we have been listening to classical, jazz, rock and roll, country, pop, and you name it.

We are in TWO caravans now, there are so many of us. Miles hasn't pooted ONCE in the van. I think it's cuz he is having so much fun. Though we nearly lost a few members when we played chinese fire drill at a red light.

Dragonheart wants to see as much of the U. S. as possible so I thought we would go visit Beezer, DaisyMae Maus and DKM and Fiona and Orlando.

Oops, gotta go. We let Monty drive and now he's singing. It sounds gawd awful and he claims it's music but even Lucky is cringing. I can put up with a lot, but I think this is too much. I love Millie, but even love has its limits.

I'll post more when we get to Daisy's.

Monday, October 29, 2007

On The Road

Here I am keeping the boy happy, and unsuspecting, about our upcoming road trip. I am also hoping for some food, but he won't share. Mom trained him well.

Here is a wider view, showing Lucky, under the boy's right arm. The boy is watching the guys called Pat run all over a bunch of guys from Washington. Heh heh heh!

By the time you read this, we will be on the road, Dragonheart, Millie, Mindy & Moe, Georgia & Tillie, Lucky and me. We've got the radio on and we are listening to the Red Sox game. Millie snuck out with great treats for everybody (you know how her mom is such a good cook). Lucky has the directions firmly in paw and all we have to figure out now is who is driving?
I think I will drive for the moment. But I think if we have any trouble along the way, I will let Dragonheart handle it. He is such a polite, thoughtful gentleman, that I am sure we would only be given a warning.

While we are going through Springield, I thought we might want to show our distinguished guests from out of town and country, the Doctor Suess National Memorial. You know, Cat in the Hat!

I am not sure we will have time for anything in Albany, but Syracuse has an interesting International Mask and Puppet Museum that might be interesting. Then it is off to the Meezers.

I hope they have a nice breakfast waiting for us.

Remember to vote for Lucky and I at
Skeezix's Halloween Costume Contest!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Destination: Las Cruces, NM

That's the destination, folks. Las Cruces! And it's gonna be quite the caravan, let me tell you.

Dragonheart is coming in from Germany, Team Tabby say they'll meet us here in New Hampster, Tillie and Georgia will join us from Nova Scotia and then it's off to grab Millie. From there we head to the Meezers in New York, Parker in O-i-o, Monty Q in Maryland, and then down to Parkland, FL for Daisy then off to NM unless there is someone else wanting to join in.

We have to do our trick or treating, visiting the other pugs in Halloween costumes at the Pug Meet-Up, and help mom give out candy, so we will be leaving at 9:00 pm sharp, Sunday night. That is when the boy should be asleep in bed. Hmm, better make it 10:00 pm. Millie, be ready for us.

The first leg of our trip will be 419 miles and take 7 hours. We will see you Meezers at 5:00 am sharp! Be prepared! Have breakfast ready for us.

The second part will be 473 miles and take 8 hours. We should see Parker between 1:00 and 2:00 o'clock. We will count on you for lunch, Parker.

The third part of our journey will be 363 miles and take 6 hours. Monty, we are going to stop for dinner before we get to you, so we will see you around 9:00 pm, Monday evening.

The fourth part will be 1070 miles and take 16 hours. Dear Daisy, we will be stopping for breakfast and lunch so we should see you Tuesday, around 2:00 - 3:00 pm.

The last, and longest part will be 1947 miles and take 28 hours. By this calculation, and with rotating animals in charge of driving, I estimate we will arrive at our destination on Wednesday sometime after 7:00 o'clock.

Please be on the lookout for us Luxor. You probably won't be able to miss this motley crew.

Luxor, I am coming!

It's a good thing one of us is organized. Prepare everyone! Road Trip Awaaaaaayyyyyy!

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Well, Lucky is taking the bull by the horns, and the leash by the mouth. She is planning a ROAD TRIP.

To... you guessed it. New Mexico. See how big it is? And we don't even know where in New Mexico Luxor is!

I wasn't sure if Luxor even wanted a visit from Lucky except he went onto her Dogster page and left her a bunch of bones! And told her he would take a bath before she got there! Go read the comment he left on yesterday's post. It is soooo romantic. All I know is that Millie is coming with us and we are picking up the Meezers in New York and Monty Q in Maryland. Millie thinks that Parker in O-hi-o would come with us too. I think Mickey might come down from Nova Scotia, except that Miss Peach is real sick and Mickey is worried about her. Actually, a lot of the cat blogoshpere is worried about her. I am not a cat and I am worried about her. Get better Miss Peach, Please!

If anyone else wants to go on a road trip, let me know. The more the merrier!

Luxor, you better look out. You might not know what hit you!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Friday Planning

This handsome, elegant cat is Luxor. Lucky thinks he is the Gregory Peck (Atticus Finch) of cats. Every time he compliments her, she swoons and it takes forever to wake her up. You know, of course, that he thinks Lucky is beautiful. But he recently asked her this question:

Lucky, why are you sleeping with that boybean and not by me???

Well, ever since then, Lucky has been trying to figure out how to get to New Mexico from New Hampshire.

See, she already has her harness on and is planning a get away down the stairs. I don't think she'll get very far, I mean COME ON, look at the map. New Hampshire is way, way, way up here!

New Mexico is way down here! Total driving time of 34 hours, 16 minutes and total estimated distance of 2270.18 miles. You think Lucky, gentle, sweet, trusting Lucky, would ever make it down there in one piece? And then there is the BOY! You think Lucky could leave him? And mom and dad? And ME? For Luxor?

The boy would be broken hearted if she left. I don't think mom or dad would be able to handle it either. And I have to admit, I would be really lonely without her. I mean, I call her the "perfect princess" and all, but she's my sister and it would be really lonely without her. Who would I attack in the morning? Who's treats would I try to steal? And whose food would I try to eat?

I told her she is just going to have to teleport back and forth but she says NO! TRUE LOVE! I MUST BE WITH LUXOR! (What! Has she watched The Princess Bride lately?)

Don't worry, everyone, I won't let her go. I know, I know! You're all saying I'm jealous, that she's a dog and he's a cat, and it'll never work out. I don't believe that for a minute! Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria, Han and Leia, Lady and the Tramp! She's just gonna have to teleport and come back. That's all there is to it.

(PS: Tomorrow is the LAST day mom has to take steroids - yeah!)

Thursday Thirteen - Halloween Edition

Lucky and I entered Skeezix's Halloween Costume Contest. Our photos are way down at the bottom. Please go visit Skeezix and vote for us for the Viewer's Choice Award. Skeezix says "Voting for the Viewer's Choice Award will be held on Oktober 29th and 30th and the winners will be annownst on Halloween." As a recap, I am showing thirteen photos of Lucky and me in our costumes.

Wrong (Lucky's) hat, I know, and blurry, but mom thought it was funny.

you can click on a picture to biggify

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday Uh - Ohs

Mom turned her computer on this morning and got ... a black screen and a blinking cursor. So mom turned it off and tried again. She got ...a black screen and a blinking cursor. Mom turned it off and went to work. She tried not to worry about it, but you know what that is like. When mom came home from work, she turned the computer on and got ... you guessed it, a black screen and a blinking cursor.

She called Auntie! After talking with Auntie, she took the hard drive out of dad's computer and tried to put it in her computer. Her computer didn't like that. She couldn't put her hard drive in dad's computer because it is connected with a different type of cable. Auntie called it something like SA blah blah. So, mom put dad's computer back together and then put her hard drive back in her computer and turned it on. Guess what she got?

HER COMPUTER BACK! Yeah! Mom figures she dodged a bullet. So she backed up all her files and was a happy camper. She also made some granola. She forgot to make it yesterday. Oh, and one other thing. Mom doesn't drink coffee. Never has.

But now mom is tired. Mr. Karate did not leave til very late last night and mom worked hard yesterday so she is tired. She told her co-worker she didn't know what got into her yesterday to do all that and her co-worker said "Oh, that's not too hard to believe." Guess mom's like that at work too!


Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday Madness

I don't know what happened to mom overnight, but she woke up in a ... a mood! When she realized it was going to be a warm day she started doing stuff. First, she decided that Lucky and I had unfeminine odors. So guess what? You got it. I got a BATH!

And what's worse, the boy was taking PICTURES of me getting washed and rinsed.

Finally, it was OVER. But then mom had to dry me. She rubbed and rubbed with towels until she was sure I was nice and dry. She did not want me to catch cold. Here I am, all nice and clean. Can you tell?

Then it was Lucky's turn. I gotta hand it to Lucky. She saw what was happening and ran downstairs EVERY time the boy took her upstairs. Until mom locked her in the bathroom and dumped her in the tub.

Here is Lucky getting washed. I must say, she put up with it a lot more gracefully then I did.

And here is Lucky getting dried. Because Lucky has an undercoat and an overcoat, mom really had to make sure she was nice and dry. Mom used a lot of towels to dry us off. Then, of course, mom cleaned the entire tub and shower, making it nice and clean.

After that, she decided to fix the center bed support leg that had fallen off. But when dad picked up the boxspring, he moved it straight up, into the light and cracked the light cover (you know, that 12" square glass cover.) Which then fell on his head. Luckily, he did not get cut. So then mom had to vacuum the bedroom. I mean the ENTIRE bedroom. Under the bed (she took the bed apart and moved it all over the room) the corners, the edges, under the radiator and dresser. She moved the night tables, Dad's shoes, the ottoman, she did the closet. NOTHING was safe.
Then she decided that the window was dirty. And she started washing all the windows. Except for the two the sun was coming in. Because then they streak, she explained to the boy.

When she was done with that, and making the beds, and doing the grocery list, she and the boy went to aunty's. And then grocery shopping. Now, let me explain. Dad does the grocery shopping. Mom hates it. But because the guys named Pat were playing (and kicking butt) mom told dad to visit his friend and she would do it. She and the boy, that is. (Today, there were over 200 reasons why dad usually does the grocery shopping.)

They came back, mom started laundry, started cooking a chicken for dinner, brought Lucky outside and brushed her and brushed her and brushed her, then went off to Home Depot to replace the light cover dad broke. She also bought an aerator for the downstairs bathroom sink, (it had been bothering her for a while, spraying) a new light bulb for dad's halogen desk lamp and she bought the light fixture cover.

When she came back from Home Depot, she fixed the faucet, did more laundry, installed the light cover and decided to put up some ceiling compound on the ceiling in the breezeway (to the garage) when she is going to be installing a new ceiling light because it is dark in there, especially if the sensor light doesn't come on.

Then she made peas and stuffing, watched the boy INHALE an entire chicken leg, fed dad, watched the news, did more laundry, made her lunch, cooked me some broccoli and is now helping Mr. Karate.

I don't know what got into her. But I wish it would LEAVE!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Notes And Miscellaneous

Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful.

Mr. Karate and mom had a lot of fun at the seminars. Neither one of them got hurt. Or bruised, or beat. But the instructor landed on his ankle during a demonstration and ended up teaching the last fifteen minutes of the Knife Seminar with his ankle propped up and two ice packs on it. They didn't think it was broken, but the instructor did say that something had "popped." Oops.

As for fun. Well. They had LOTS of fun. The instructor was AMAZING. He was FAST. He was GREAT. He was AWESOME. He was FUNNY. And mom's head exploded halfway through the Stick Seminar because he was so incredible. The instructor follows the Filipino stick style. And he was really COOL.

Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful.

Blogspot is having problems with uploading pictures. Mom just went on the help/discussion section and found a half dozen people with the same problem. Since mom posts before she goes to bed, and she is tired from all the "FUN" today. You will have to wait until later for photos. (Hey Luxor, you lucked out. Lucky can't post all her "beautiful" photos.)

Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful. Luxor said I was very beautiful.

Okay, folks, I have to go chase my sister. Bye!

You're just jealous. You're just jealous. You're just jealous.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Sticks And Knives

Today is Saturday. Most people relax a little on Saturday. Mom is going to class at 9:00 am. Class is 45 minutes long. When she comes home she will take care of weekend stuff, eat lunch and then bring the boy to his karate class for 1:00 o'clock. Dad will pick the boy up at 2:00 o'clock.

At 2:30 mom has a Stick Seminar using one of the wooden sticks shown above. The seminar will last an hour. At 3:30 mom has a Knife Seminar, using the knife shown above. The Stick Seminar is open to lots of under-rank students. The Knife Seminar is open only to Candidates (for Black Belt) and Black Belts.

Mom is going to both of these Seminars with Mr. Karate. They usually have lots of fun at these Seminars because they beat on each other and laugh while they are doing it. I am not so sure they will be laughing too much during the Knife Seminar, because that is serious, but they usually come home laughing and laughing and laughing. And maybe bruised. And sweaty. And tired. But they will have FUN.

They're weird!

The Name Game

Mom found this on one of the other Pug Blogs, I am So Excited...To Be A Pug. So she thought she would try it. You can try it if you want. It's pretty funny.

YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (favorite stuffie + tail characteristic)
Dolphin Curly
YOUR GANGSTER NAME: (favorite kong-filler + favorite cookie)
Peanut Butter Eukanuba Treat
YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color + favorite animal species)
Red Pug
YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name + first 2 letters of your first name) Peb-Ro
SUPERHERO NAME: (“The” + 2nd favorite color + favorite drink)
The Red Ginger Ale
NASCAR NAME: (the first names of your grandfathers)
Leopold Albert
STRIPPER NAME: (your favorite scent + favorite treat)
Popcorn Snausages
WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: (mother’s & father’s middle names)
Irene Thomas
SPY NAME: (your favorite season/holiday + favorite flower)
Fall Christmas Lily
CARTOON NAME: (favorite fruit + article of clothing you’re wearing right now + “ie” or “y”)
Apple Tee Shirty
HIPPY NAME: (What you ate for breakfast + your favorite plant)
Raspberry Smoothie Iris
YOUR ROCK STAR TOUR NAME: (“The” + Your favorite hobby + favorite weather element + “Tour”) The Kenpo Thunderstorm Tour

Oh, and thanks to everyone who is visting Memere's blog, Studio Jeanne. She is really excited that people are reading it. Mom is very proud of her.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Random Facts & Thoughts

(Notice how well trained my dad is, holding my head nice and even.)

1) Just an FYI, but there was nothing on the boy's chin to make Lucky lick him like that. It's what she does, licks everything clean, even if it's not dirty.

2) The lion chair was given to my dad by his dad. It was his dad's grandfather's, and my dad thinks it might have come over from Sweden with them. Dad is not sure though. It has some neat carving on the front and can recline to three positions.

3) Mom has a counter on the blog. It says that there is someone in Finland reading this. Mom thinks that is really cool. Finland! I mean, really! Wow! I would be so cold there, with only one coat of fur. Would they keep me warm? Like mom?

4) There are also hits from Thailand, China, Japan, Australia, Chile, Hong Kong, Belgium, Argentina, Germany and the United Kingdom. Mom thinks this is just wild. How did they get to my blog? What do they think of my blog? Do they have dogs? Cats? Any pets? What do they think of me? What is Chile like? Argentia? Australia? Is it really wide? Dry? Is the Great Coral Reef really as gorgeous as they say? Are they commenting? Do I talk too much?

5) The world is a small place if people from all over are reading about me! What else do we have in common? Any children? Brothers and sisters who they bicker with? Mothers who paint? Ride motorcycles? Knit?

6) Most people get to my blog from Google.

7) The United States tops the lists for readers, with Canada coming in second.

8) Mom has heard from several people that they are very stressed lately. All sorts of things are happening to them and mom thinks that October ought to be renamed Stresstober and Halloween should come and we should all dress up in costumes, eat chocolate and relax with our woofies and kitties.

9) Mom has to take steroids for eight more days.

10) Mom has three more pills to help her sleep. (This makes mom nervous.)

11) Mom is NEVER going near the front bushes with the hedge trimmers EVER AGAIN. EVER. EVER. EVER.

12) Mom is starting to fell more like real self. She is not feeling as jittery at night (like someone is shocking her with an electric cattle prod) but she is still a little worried about sleeping through the night.

13) Mom has a "step exam" in karate in November. It is an exam of all she has learned since she joined the class in August. She has to know her form and four karate techniques really, really well. She also has to know four judo ground fight techniques. She really has to know eight karate techniques, but she is only expected to know four because she joined the class in the middle. Mom has learned the first four techniques and is planning on doing them well so she can get a white stripe on her belt. Mom is dedicated and pretty intense about this. You may not have noticed.

Well, that's just mom and my thoughts about all this. Look at everyone who helped Millie. Look at anyone who helps anyone smaller than you or someone in need. We are great people, and we are defined by our love for something that truly can not communicate with us, but we try anyway and we reach an agreements of sorts. We are the face of change and the face of love. Dad nearly died when he heard mom call Simba, the neighbor kitty a good kitty. (He is. He is a very sweet, kind kitty.) After the bad neighbors moved out with the feral cats dad didn't think mom would ever think of another cat again as anything other than evil intruder cats. But that's already changed. And in such a short time. There is faith out there, and we have to bring it to the fore. Maybe that's what else we can do for more blog action day. Go out and spread love!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

(you can click on the pictures to biggify)

PSST! You can go visit my memere at her very own blog Studio Jeanne. Check it out! (It would make mom happy.)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sweet As Can Be

Millie gave Lucky this is award. Because she is "definitely sweet." I was only "semi-sweet." But Monty said I was a sweetie, so he gave it to me, too. He is a real gentleman.

So now, I want to pass the award on to some sweet friends.

1) Clover - because she is sooo cute.

2) Norman - because he thinks I am cool, likes broccoli

And Lucky wants to give the award to Winston, because she thinks he is really, really cute.

2) Fat Eric . Just because she thinks he is so good natured and Fun.

3) and Oscar because he is cute, too.

Monday, October 15, 2007

I Got An Award

I got an award. I got an award. I got an award. I got an award. I got an award. I got an award. I got an award. I got an award. I got an award.

My NOMSS friend Mickey gave me this award. Thank you Mickey. Thank you Mickey. Thank you Mickey. Thank you Mickey. He thinks I'm funny. Isn't that COOL. I am so excited. I am so happy. I am so pleased. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am. I am.

I am so tired now. I think I need a nap.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Boy, Part Deux

Mom received comments about how cute the boy was, how handsome the boy was, how good the boy was and how boring the boy's name was. Mom only called him the boy because, well, he was a boy. And he was her only boy. So she thought that was very easy to understand. But alas, it is lacking in that creative spirit and character that so fill mom and Auntie's lives.
So mom thought of having a contest to pick a name for the boy. She would tell you what his interests were and you could decide on a name. But then Auntie had an even better idea. She thought you cats and dog could help Lucky and me pick names and then the Boy could pick one he liked the best.

This is the boy at three, when he liked dinosaurs.

This is the boy at four, when he still liked dinosaurs.

This is the boy at eight and a half, when he liked Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Bionicles, his dogs, karate, cello, chicken and mashed potatoes, Jimmy Neutron, and well, I could go on for quite a bit.

There are a few rules, of course. They can't be so long to type them that mom will start calling him the boy again. They can't be too silly, like He Who Must Be Obeyed.

He is a tall boy, as you can see.

And he is a skinny boy, as you can see.

He is also a funny boy, as you can most definitely tell.

And then he is the angel boy. So sweet and angelic that, sigh, mom just loves him to pieces.

So, all my blog friends, see what you can come up with and then we will let the boy decide.

Mom will have to have some sort of prize system for the winner, most creative, etc. but she'll have to figure that out tomorrow, when she's not falling asleep at the keyboard. Maybe something will come to her in a dream.

Good Luck!

(you can click on the pictures to biggify)