Monday, June 30, 2008

Mom's Still Thinking

Mom's still thinking. Can't you smell the smoke? I have decided not to let it bother me. Can you tell that I am not letting it bother me?

Lucky is not letting it bother her. I m sure you can tell that. PlusOne isn't worried about it either. He is more concerned with summer camp, which starts today.

Lucky is all excited that Luxor posted her picture on his blog.

As for me, I watched mom cut up fabric, and make lots of little piles with it. She was also sewing little blocks together last night. I think Auntie is rubbing off on her. My work is cut out for me if I am going to get her to relax AND tell me what she is thinking about.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mom's Thinking Again

Here we are, keeping our heads down, because mom has that look in her eye. I know something is going to happen. I don't know what, but I know something is going to change around here. I just hope it doesn't have anything to do with Lucky or me!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sleeping Late & Memere's Art

There are two Saturdays a year that mom can sleep late. One is during Christmas vacation when the karate school is shut down for their holiday break. The second is today, when the karate school shuts down for their summer break. But mom couldn't sleep late today, because the entire karate school is going to see Kung Fu Panda. At 9:30 AM! As mom's teacher says, who cares what it's about, it has Kung Fu in the title. It will be fun. They are all going to see it on an IMAX screen. There should be about 200 people, all in black karate tee shirts. I think it might be fun. What do you think?

Lately, memere has been doing some different things with her artwork. The above is her latest. Mom saw it and fell in love with it, so memere gave it to mom. Isn't she great?

Mom tried to get a good picture of the colors, because they are really very beautiful, so that's what's up with the angles. (Notice that I have to get into the photo?)

It is very 3-D, with starfish and beads and a turtle (?). Mom thinks memere was inspired by Melissa, from Life Is Art... Art Is Life. Melissa does a lot of really creative things; altered journals, collages, pendants. Quite a bit of it is 3-D, so mom knew Melissa would like this. Memere hasn't been blogging lately, so mom is gonna post this over there and then give memere a nudge to get back into it. Now mom has to find a place to hang it. Ha ha

Friday, June 27, 2008


Mom and PlusOne went to karate tonight. Now, they have no karate until July 7th. PlusOne has no cello lessons until July 12th. Fun! Mom says she is not sure what she will do if she doesn't have to go to karate 1 morning and 4 nights a week. I have it all planned out. You can see what I have planned below.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I won't be hearing mom say for at least eight weeks.

1) Do you have any homework?

2) Is your homework all done?

3) How was your day at school.

4) Where are your spelling words?

5) It's time to do your spelling words.

6) When is the book report due?

7) Have you started your book report?

8) When is the test?

9) It is time to study for your test.

10) Did dad help you study for your test?

11) Have you finished your reading?

12) It's TIME to do your book report?

13) Why didn't you tell me that it was due today?

School's out!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

And for a little change of pace.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tattle Tale Tuesday

We had lots of rain today. And lots of thunder and lightning. So there was lots of sleeping.

In fact, mom woke up to a thunderstorm at 6:40 am. She wasn't quite expecting that.

I am going to Tattle the answers to all the questions people have asked mom, Lucky or me. Then I will tell you something funny about Lucky.

1) Howard Pee Pugpants wanted to know if Lucky gets to eat cookies in bed. I assume by bed you mean PlusOne's bed, Howard, and the answer to that is NO. Mom does not let us eat our treats in the sleeping beds. No crumbs allowed, she says.

2) Emmitt wanted to know if mom's Asian quilt is done yet. The answer is no. Mom has to put the backing on it. She has something else she has to finish first, before she can tie that quilt.

3) Manicote asked about the police, because mom made a comment about the camera still being in police custody. The full story is here, but the short story is that we were broken into the week before Christmas and the camera was stolen. The police recovered almost 95% of the things stolen, but until the defendants either plead guilty (2 of them did) or go to trial (2 of them won't plead) mom can't get her things back. Including her engagement ring.

4) Frances Louise wanted to know how I came to be with mom, and did mom ever own any other kind of dog. Mom has owned only pugs. We are the second set of two pugs mom has had. The story of us begins here and goes on for three days. Here is the short version.

The pugs who came before, Muffie and Bridget were old and after Bridget went to the Bridge (at 15-1/2 yrs old) in August of 2003, mom was depressed and found Lucky through memere. Lucky was a sweet puggy puppy, but mom soon realized that a 16 year old pug was no fit companion for a puppy, so that's when I joined the family, to be Lucky's sister and playmate.

5)Ladypug Mugs asked the next question about karate. Mr. Karate is mom's nephew. Mom's older sister's son. Mom's older sister is Darling Millie's mom. Memere (mom's mom) is Studio Jeanne. Mr. Karate started his karate training around 13 years old. PlusOne started when he was 4-1/2 yrs old. When asked by the Studio Owner why he wanted to take karate, PlusOne said he wanted to be just like Mr. Karate. The Studio Owner was satisfied with that and PlusOne joined the classes. (PlusOne is now 11 yrs old.)

Mom started a year and a half later, on a Mother's Day promotion. (Free karate for moms for a month.) Mom had always wanted to do karate, ever since she was 16 years old. But when she started a trial period, she smashed her knee into the metal edge of a cement step and that ended that. (Among other things.) They all do Kenpo Karate, in the tradition of Ed Parker.

Mom thinks it's really cool that Rachel's (LadyPug Mug) mom trained with Chuck Norris. When she heard that, mom told her instructor. He was as curious as mom as to how that turned out. Was Chuck a good teacher and all the scoop, because the Studio Owner often talks about Chuck Norris and how he says as long as you learned something then you didn't really fail. (e.g. tournaments, fights, etc) Of course, the Chuck Norris jokes - tears curing blindness, etc - are all the rage at the studio.

And almost lastly, someone, (I am sorry, forgot who) asked if I sang, and I said no, I didn't sing. But I changed my mind and howled a storm for mom this morning, so she says she will have to see if she can videotape it and show it to all of you. Of course, since we have the old camera, it will be a really short video.

And lastly, here's the dirt on Lucky. Whenever she sleeps with us, she wakes mom up in the morning by licking her face. Now, Lucky is very methodical about this. She starts at the eye socket, goes down the nose, across the cheek, up the nose (unless mom gets her finger up it first) across her chin and then over to the ear where she starts chewing on mom's hair. But only if mom's had a perm. (Which she just did.) So of course, Lucky started chewing on the hair. Now, Lucky DOES NOT do this to PlusOne, just mom. And only when she sleeps in bed with us all night. Isn't that funny?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Stormy Sunday

It started out as a nice, easy going Sunday. For us. Mom was rushing around doing this that and the other thing.

But Lucky and I know how to deal with that. As you can see from these photos.

We just let her run around while we relax.

But then it got real windy. The trees were swaying to and fro in a big way. I'm not sure you can really see it from this photo.
And then the sky got real dark. Darker than it shows in the photo.

And then it started to rain. And rain and rain. And you know what Lucky and I did? We slept right through it.

Are we smart or what?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Left Out

We were LEFT OUT today. PlusOne had a birthday party sleepover so mom and dad went to the Rock N'RibFest. And they left us at home! Away from all that delicious brisket and pulled pork and ribs and beef and chicken and pork and and and .... Need I go on?
They listen to Brickyard Blues, a neat band that mom has heard before. Blondie actually knows the bass player, so mom got to meet them. They left right around 5:00 pm and didn't come back for hours and hours. And they smelled of nice, juicy, tender pork and ribs. How could they do that to us? Life is so unfair.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Field Trip

Yesterday PlusOne went on a field trip to see the U.S.S. Constitution, also known as Old Ironsides. The history of the Constitution is really rather incredible. You can read about it here.

The Constitution has served the Navy and America for over 210 years, making her the oldest commissioned warship afloat in the world.

PlusOne liked the cannons.

And the jellyfish. In Boston Harbor! Mom was sort of wigged out about the jellyfish, but PlusOne thought they were neat.

Dad was in the Navy, so PlusOne made sure her got his picture taken with some Navy guys.

I bet the Constitution had a cat on it. I bet there were no dogs on it. I don't think I would have liked to have been on it. I am sure the kitties would all like the fish, but I think I would rather have a house that doesn't rock. What do you think?
Remember, mom is taking questions, so now is the time to ask about all those embarrassing moments is her life that I will happily post about. Ha ha. She will answer them next week some time.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Questions Answered

There have been some questions asked about Lucky and me that I thought I should answer. Here they are.

1) It looks hot. Do you find it hot, Lucky? (Lucky was in bed with PlusOne, who was weaing only shorts.) That particular night was not real hot. If it was, the air conditioning would have been on and PlusOne would have the blankets on him. And I would still be sleeping right next to him. I always do.

2) Does Roxy ever sleep with PlusOne. No. I may lie down with him until mom comes home from karate, but I haven't ever slept with him the whole night through. As soon as mom opens the door to his bedroom, I am out it like a shot.

3) Does PlusOne know you put these pictures up here? Sometimes he sees what mom posts and sometimes mom doesn't show him. (Like the bath in the kitchen sink post.)

4) Did Lucky get any steak? I sure hope she wasn't yelled at. She didn't get any steak, and dad did yell at her, but I don't think she really noticed. She has never really done that before, so it was a big surprise to everyone.

5) Roxy, when do we get to hear your song? Never. I don't sing, or dance. And since the camera is still in police custody, you won't be seeing a video of me any time soon.

A lot of bloggers have been answering questions that people have asked, so Mom has decided that she will take your questions as well. So if you have any burning questions for mom, let 'em rip.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

One of the new blogs Mickey is welcoming to the blogosphere has a pug in it. So we went over to see them. Their blog is called Purs n' Snorts. They have two kitties as well. They blogged about Thirteen Great Things About Living with A Pug. Since mom is having a moment (okay, it's lasted a couple hours now), she asked if she could borrow it for her post. She did promise we would link to them (which we did) so here goes.

1. Seeing that cute smooshed in face. (Okay, I will agree with that one.)

2. Hearing sweet snorts. (I don't snort. Lucky does, softly, but not me!)

3. Having a pug sitting next to you while you blog. (More like having a pug sit in your lap while you blog.)

4. Having a pug sleeping with you at night, she even lets you hold her. (Mostly, I sleep behind mom's knees, or curled up against her belly.)

5. Giving a pug her bath. (Nope! WRONG! Not fun at all, for either of us.)

6. Going shopping with the pug. (To the pet store, yes, that is a lot of fun, for both of us.)

7. Giving her a toy or treat. (Yes, as long as mom retracts her fingers QUICKLY from the treat so I don't eat her fingers.)

8. Playing with her. (Well, DUH!)

9. Chasing her. (Well, double duh!)

10. Taking pictures of her. (Well, like, triple DUH!)

11. Blogging about her. (See #10)

12. Going for car rides with her. (I think #10 is more fun, same with #8)

13. Getting kisses from her. (Well if that is true, why does mom go "EWWWW" when I get her right on the lips?)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

And for all those who asked, No, Lucky did not get any steak.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tattle Tale Tuesday

Today's Tattle Tale is Two Parts. The first involves Lucky. Looking at these pictures of her, you think she is Little Miss Innocent, Never Get Into Trouble, Always Miss Goody Goody. Well, are you in for a surprise.

Mom and dad were having steak, green beans and stuffing for dinner. They were eating at the coffee table watching TV. When all of a sudden, Little Miss Precious decided she wanted some steak and she jumped, yes JUMPED up and tried to get a piece of dad's steak off his plate. Can you imagine that? Dad was flabbergasted. Totally stunned. First, Lucky doesn't jump. Second, even I don't do that. So the next time you hear about me being bad, remember who is worse. Little Miss Innocent.

As you all know, it is June. Christmas is 6 months away. Which brings me to part two. At Christmas, when mom put up the creche, PlusOne (at four years old) decided that Baby Jesus needed more protection than the wise men and the farm animals could give, so he decided that Allasaurus would protect him.

Mom and dad thought it was very funny. Everyone thought it was pretty funny. The only thing funnier was when PlusOne told mom that "God is Jesus' Father, but after a while He didn't want him anymore." (This was around Easter. Mom told the Sister in charge that she thought the lesson might have ended a little bit too soon. Sister got a big kick out of that as well.)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Recital Sunday, Number 2

Yesterday was the summer recital for PlusOne and Mr. Karate.

Here is Mr. Karate.

Here is PlusOne.

PlusOne started to play his piece then realized there was no piano joining him. You can see his teacher and the pianist trying to figure out what key PlusOne was playing in in the background.

So he started over. Mom was very proud of him for his composure through this. She thought he would be upset. But he wasn't. He was very focused and did well.

Then Mr. Karate played, without music. Mom thought he did very well, too.

Mom was using Memere's camera, and she didn't know how to get rid of the Black & White feature, but she sort of didn't care, because she got to tape the whole song. And she didn't turn the camera sideways, so you can see them normal. Yeah Mom! The thing beans need to worry about.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Albert Einstein & Happy Father's Day

Yesterday I was contemplating the universe, pondering E= MC2. It is a very famous equation by my hero, Albert Einstein. He is sort of disheveled looking, so I bet he would have loved pugs. I cannot explain the equation to you fully here, but here is a link that will do a very good job for those who are interested.

Today is Father's Day. Lucky and I would like to wish all you Fathers out on the blogosphere a great day. From Dragonheart & Merlin's dad who runs slower to be with their mom to Salinger's dad (who went Lawn Vigilante the other day) and to our own dear dad, this day is for you. Now go mow the lawn.