Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Grumpy Mom

Mom is grumpy. After a week of rain and NO leaks, we had a huge thunderstorm last night and the roof leaked. She doesn't know where it is coming in and she is very frustrated. I guess she will have to play roof adventure AGAIN!

Also, during her run Saturday morning she got overheated and dizzy and had to sit down about twelve minutes into it. She was very embarrassed, as she has run 20 solid minutes before and she wanted to set a good example as team leader. She also pulled some calf muscles, so she is limping and in pain.

Of course, her instructor told her that she was running faster than he had ever seen her run before (a treadmill can pace you a lot better than a wide open space in front of you). He also said "You THINK?" when she told him she thought she got overheated. Well, duh! It was hot and humid and mom does not do well in hot and humid.

Luckily their is no class this Saturday (in celebration for July 4th) but mom is determined NOT to have any problems at the next class. There is no rest for the wicked. Or my mom.

Monday, June 29, 2009

One Down

Auntie's flimsy (or lap robe top) is done. Check it out.

It's not squared yet. And I don't know what color Auntie wants for the backing. And I don't think I have enough quilt batting for the middle, but the top is done.

Auntie might want to back it with fleece. If so, she's on her own. If not then I'll do it. Now that this one is done, I can work on finishing the second one. Then hopefully I won't have any more Asian leftovers!This is because mom has been hogging the blog just a little too much, and to remind her it's MY blog. :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Finally, A Nice Day

It was finally a nice day, ALL DAY yesterday. Toward the end, it got cloudy, but no rain! Woo Hoo. I think that is the first day in over a week and a half that it did not rain.

Mom survived the candidate class. She'll tell you all about it tomorrow. She's a little wiped. She didn't sleep well Friday night (I wonder why?) so I had to make sure she got a good night sleep last night.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

It Begins

Today (at 8:30 am) mom begins her quest for her second degree black belt. Actually, she has been working on it since she got her black belt almost two years ago, but today it's official.

Mom is in what is called the candidate class. That is the class for all the candidates for black belt, and all the black belts going for second degree black belt. (Like Mr. Karate, who just got his third degree black belt Wednesday night. Go see Millie's blog for a video of him running his form.)

Mom has to run twenty minutes solid, fifty push ups and seventy full sit ups. She will have to do this every Saturday morning for the next twenty weeks. Obviously with mom's shoulder injury she cannot do push ups, yet. The instructors know mom has a medical condition (as they call it) and they understand.

Mom can do the running and the sit ups. But mom will also be tested on material, and that's what mom will be working on big time. So while she is doing this, I will be doing this

Especially since it was only sunny for a couple of hours yesterday, before it rained. Almost all afternoon. Phooey.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tattle Tale Tuesday

PlusOne has been working after school with the art teacher to create a "Coral Reef" project. He is not getting a grade on it, he just wanted to do it. When mom saw it, she told him that Memere was NOT getting it, so he better not think about giving it away. Silly mom.

Oh yeah, the roof is NOT leaking, and it has been raining pretty hard. Mom is cautiously psyched.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Mr. Karate & PlusOne did a duet at their recital yesterday. It was called "Classical Bash" (Haydn, Mozart & Beethoven). They didn't have a lot of together practice time, but mom thinks they did very well. If you want more video of Mr. Karate, go see Millie's blog. We are sure Auntie will post his solo. But since PlusOne is my boy, the video is mostly of him. Go figure.

Mom played roof adventure again, in between bouts of rain Saturday. The roof hasn't leaked since, but mom figures we need a deluge type rain to be sure. Sigh, I can't believe mom is asking for rain.

Every Morning

Every morning while mom takes a shower I climb in bed with PlusOne and let him pet me. Sometimes I curl up on his stomach, sometimes at his side. We always look cute. Mom always forgets the camera. Except this morning.

Hey, what can I say, I like getting scritches.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rainy Saturday?

Since we may have yet another day of rain, mom decided cuteness was needed. Here is cuteness.

Is that enough cuteness for you?

The roof leaked a very little, enough to mean mom has to play roof adventure again. As soon as it stops raining, of course.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Roof Adventure

See that eave right there? That's where mom thinks the leak is. So mom put a ladder on the sewing room roof and climbed up the eave with her black tar and gooped black tar everywhere she could reach.

She wasn't in any danger of falling and hitting the ground, as you can see. But she didn't really like being up there.

Of course, since dad is like me,

afraid of heights, mom is going to have to sand and paint that trim this summer. If it ever stops raining.

It's pouring right now, but it's not leaking. Keep your fingers crossed that mom got the spot.

Check out these great earrings mom's co-worker (Angel) made. Aren't they just the cutest? Mom wants them. And her birthday is coming up. Isn't that fortuitous?

You can find them here! Or on mom's ears!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday Things

First up, which fabric do you think mom should use for the seat cushion of her swing. The swing will be the blue of the cabinet, so mom put the fabric against it so you could see.

This one?

Or this one?

Second, mom has seen several accidents lately, and several people pulled over by the police.

Slow down and pay attention. Hang up the phone and drive. It seems everyone is stressed and they're driving too fast and not paying attention to the road (like I am doing). That isn't going to make anything better. Especially if you hit someone (and hurt them really badly) or something (and hurt yourself really badly)

Third, mom has the bestest friend in the world. Blondie

is taking mom to Alegria! The Cirque Du Soleil Show in July. She bought extra tickets and told mom not to whine she was coming and that was it! PlusOne is going as well, but he doesn't know it yet. (Hopefully that will make him happy as his monitor died and mom can't replace it just yet.)

So there you have it. Our Thursday things. Tomorrow I will tell you about mom's roof adventure.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She Keeps Going And Going And Going

Not me, Mom!

The spare bedroom. As you can see, there was a leak in the roof. This is the ancient wallpaper that was underneath the paneling.

Under the SIX layers of ancient paneling, was the horse hair plaster. Under the horse hair plaster was blown in insulation. Lots of it. Now you see it.

Now you don't.

The 2 x 6 by the stain mark needs to be replaced. It is rotted.

After it is re-insulated and re-sheet rocked, mom will put the paneling back up.

And paint the room.

Mom is not going to panel the eave. She is going to paint that white, like the ceiling. It will make the room look bigger.

Where can I hide?

Monday, June 15, 2009

Silly Mr. Karate

Mr. Karate asked mom to make him some drapes for his windows. Mom showed him some extra fabric she had, and this is what he chose.

Mom laughs, because it is very formal fabric. It is also gorgeous. But what makes Mr. Karate silly, is that mom had offered him the red rug she ended up putting on the back porch. He said no. Check out what the fabric and the rug look like together.

They look like they were made for each other, don't they. I have a feeling mom is going to be losing the rug. Sigh. Well, I guess Mr. Karate will just have to replace it. lol. He'll never get as good a deal as mom did.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pepere's Birthday

Today we are celebrating Pepere's 80th Birthday. Memere is having a party and we are all going. Even Lucky and me.

There is going to be cake and ice cream and boy I can't wait.

Happy Birthday Pepere!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mom's Sorry

Mom's really sorry she made everyone cry yesterday. She figured she better put up some funny photos so everyone will forgive her. So here they are.

Hope it worked.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Potpouri

These are for Stubby.

This is Muffie.

And this is Bridget.

These are the pugs who came before. They were quite old when they went to the Bridge.

Bridget went first, at 15-1/2 , Muffie went a year later. Muffie missed Bridget a lot, as they'd been together since they were puppies. Lucky and I kept Muffie company the last months of her life. We made sure she wasn't too lonely.

This is the quilt mom made for Auntie a long time ago. It was like the third or fourth quilt she'd made.

Auntie uses it sometimes, but now that she has made herself several quilts, she gets to rotate them.