Saturday, May 31, 2008

Almost Done

Mom's new quilt is almost done. Here is her old quilt. The first one she made as an adult. With leftover fabrics from drapery books at her work.

She is standing on the double dresser taking this picture.

Here is the new quilt. It needs just a little bit more length and a little bit more on the sides.

Mom's coworker (who is an Angel) said it is much prettier in person. Mom's boss said it was spectacular. That made mom feel good.

The general manager told mom to rip her wall paper down and do her bedroom over so that the quilt is the centerpiece. That's not happening. Another coworker told mom that she had black Chinese furniture in her bedroom and the quilt would look great in it. Did mom want to give it to her. That's not happening either. I'm a dog, and I know better.

In other news Karl & Ruis got married today. You can go wish them many years of marital bliss.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Action Shots

Goodboy Norman wants action shots. So here are some action shots. Mom is making chicken salad, and boy does it smell good!

Keepping my eye on the piece of chicken in mom's hand.

Doing the I want a piece of that dance (on two legs mind you!)

And here are Lucky's action shots. She is licking PlusOne's face. I think she is cleaning it for him. He was certainly squealing enough.

See the tongue?


Lucky!!!! He ran into the bathroom after. Do you like those action shots?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things mom has to do:

1) Watch the ENTIRE Top Chef to see who makes it to the Final Four.

2) Figure out how to share the printer between computers. Again.

3) Learn how to take "Action" photos of me for Norman Goodboy.

4) Get rid of the cold she is getting.

5) Finish her quilt top (or flimsy as Auntie calls it.)

6) Pick a backing for her quilt.

7) Help PlusOne with his book report. (Mom usually types).

8) Watch the entire Top Chef episode, for once.

9) Bond with me. (She had to rush off to PlusOne's cello recital tonight. I hardly saw her.)

10) Start her new "project" (more on that later).

11) Add on to the computer desk for PlusOne's computer. (Right now she and dad have side by side computers. Soon it will be side by side by side).

12) Pet me more. I am seriously lacking in that department lately.

13) Watch the entire Top Chef to see who gets sent home (Hopefully Lisa).

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tattle Tale Tuesday

Welcome to Tattle Tale Tuesday. Today's tale is about Auntie and mom. Mom is 8 years younger than mom. For a long time, Auntie did not think much of mom. Most of the problems started early on. As shown in this picture. Mom is about two, I think.

You see, that's Auntie's doll in mom's hands. Notice that mom is dragging it by its hair.

Yup, I think it's safe to say that mom did not endear herself to Auntie with this act. And it didn't get much better. How would you like your younger sister tagging around when you are trying to play with your friends. Auntie didn't. So this is what she and her friends did to mom.

They tied mom up, and took a picture of her. How bad is that? Poor mom.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Nice Day For A Drive

Dad went and visited his brothers today. They were going to do some riding today. Dad has two brothers, one older and one younger.

This is dad's older brother and his bike, and dad's scooter.

This is the view from Gloucester. Apparently, that is Boston way in the distance. Don't ask me, I can't see it. But dad says it's there.

Here are both dad's brothers and all the bikes. Now, before you laugh at dad's scooter, (and remember, mom's a black belt) let me tell you that he gets 50 - 60 mph and mom is not supposed to know that dad can get it up to 70 mph with PlusOne on the back. Dad's older brother was very impressed with how comfy it is, and how peppy it is. He took his wife for a 15 minute drive on it. Dad was wondering if he was coming back.

As for what mom and PlusOne did today, well mom worked on her quilt. She now has a block approximately 92" by 96". Mom has a queen size bed. That is 60" x 80" . She figures that her mattress is 12" thick so she needs it at least 90" across. That is before I sleep on top and make the blankets go up the side, letting in the cold air. Mom hates that. Then she likes it tucked in at the bottom, so she needs it at least 95" long. That is before you put two human bodies in it. Mom may have extra for a lap robe. Then again, she may not.

PlusOne took me out for a walk and ended up at the neighbors where they have a 5 yr old daughter and a 2 yr old son. He brought Lucky over and we were there for several hours. They even fed him dinner. Lucky and I were pooped when he brought us home. Can you tell? The top of the sofa never looked so good to me as when he brought us home.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

More Excitement

When mom and PlusOne got back from karate this morning, the neighbor's tree, which looked like this:

Now looked like this:

The rest is coming down soon, but the yard needed to be cleared out before it could come down. The tree on the right will be coming down too, in a month or so.

Here is an idea of scale. PlusOne is 4'11-1/2" tall.

Here is the other bit of excitement. Mom woke up at 1:00 am to screeching tires. This car was screaming up and down the street laying rubber all over the place.

It woke several neighbors up, (but not dad. He used to sleep on the flight deck of the USS Eisenhower). Mom found skid marks like this all around the neighborhood. As mom watched, trying to call the police, they drove in front of the house then at full speed tried to pull a "U" turn. Those skid marks are not as bad as these, though. They left before the police got here. Mom hopes they go find themselves a race track and stay away from all of us.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Little Excitement

Mr. Karate came over for dinner before karate tonight. He got out of his car and noticed how windy it was. He heard a sound like lightning, then looked over, and saw this part of the tree fall in our neighbors backyard.

Our neighbor is a daycare mom. She had just taken the children inside.

PlusOne was over there playing with her son. They had gone inside as well.

Look at the scar on the tree. The brown section is where another section had broken off several years ago. When the neighbors moved in, mom told them that the tree was rotted, and they might want to think about taking it down.

The neighbor said that just three weeks ago her husband looked at the tree and said they should talk to someone about them, to find out if they should be taken down. Everyone was really thankful that they had all gone inside moments before.

Most of the yard is now tree!

This is from the hallway upstairs, looking out.
The tree before. You are looking at the leftmost trunk of tree. I know the angle is different, but you can see how much of it there is.

And now how much there isn't. Pretty scary, huh?