Thursday, December 3, 2009

Three Things Thursday (Or Mom's Temper Peeks Out)

1st) Mom is not sure if she is going to stay up and watch Top Chef tonight. She is tired but last week it was over 5 days before the episode was "On Demand"! She doesn't want to wait FIVE days to see this important episode!

2) Mom thinks Jen may go home tonight. She's not sure, but she feels it is a strong possibility.

2a) The world would not end if Bryan V. won. But he is so serious and dull? dreary? that mom doesn't want him to.

2b) Mom REALLY wants Kevin to win. (And so do most of mom's fellow bloggers.) He has a great personality and is really nice.

3) Mom wants Michael V. TO GO DOWN IN FLAMES!
She is so SICK of his "I cook Kevin's food on my day off" that she just wants him GONE, baby, GONE.

And apparently, Tom Colicchio is tired of listening to Michael's whining as well. Because this is what he says in last week's blog:

On the one hand, it seems Kevin won by default, as his slightly overcooked lamb was minor in scope compared with the errors in conception and execution of his fellow chefs. On the other hand, however, I believe that Kevin was the best choice anyway, both to win the challenge and to go on to compete for the spot at the next Bocuse d’Or, and here’s why: I don’t care how often Michael says that he cooks like Kevin on his days off – we know Kevin has great skills. They’re not even at question. While Kevin does not typically think of food along the lines that they do in the Bocuse d’Or, he has handled every challenge – this one included – extremely intelligently, ascertaining what the particular challenge called for, what its potential pitfalls might be (so he could sidestep them), and what might be both a clever and a truly delicious dish to present for that particular challenge. I think that though it’s not his normal inclination to cook as they do for the Bocuse d’Or, if given the time to prepare for the competition, Kevin would apply that same intelligence about food to that particular challenge and would rise to it not only ably but admirably. I think his food would be as precise and as intricate and well presented as anyone’s. If he succeeds in securing the slot at the competition, I believe he’ll get there. The overriding challenge is to make delicious food, and Kevin’s was more precisely cooked and had better flavor than the others, period.

Tom has said this before about Kevin, and Michael, and that is why I love reading his blog. It is also really interesting to read Tom as the judge and a "what you don't see" guy. If you haven't been reading his blog, you're missing out.

So, that's mom's Thursday Three. Mom wants to know what your thoughts are, fellow bloggers? As for me, I don't care, but I sure would love some of the food they cook on Top Chef.


Gemini and Ichiro said...

Do any of them cook cat food? If not, I just sleep...

Karen Jo said...

I don't watch the program, so I really have nothing to say.

Poppy Q said...

Thanks for the updates. My mum fell asleep tonight and missed Top Chef. Luckily our on demand tv, lets us watch the show an hour or two after it has been shown.

Stubby said...

Hi Roxy! I don't watch Top Chef but I would love to have some food right now. I just woke up and am starving!

Stubby xoxo

Anonymous said...

I agree. I want Kevin to win. He is a great cook and just all-around nice guy. Both of the Vortaggio brothers get on my nerves but I would be very happy to see Mike gone. I'm also sorry that Jen got the boot but she really didn't seem to have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the challenges although her cooking skills are good, without question. Great blog,btw.

The Meezers or Billy said...

our the mom CANNOT. STAND. MICHAELV. or Brian. she really really really really really wants Kevin to win.

she thinks Michael is worse than Tiffany, Stephen, Ilan, Marcel and Hung all rolled up together.

Brill said...

We don't have "Top Chef" here, but I do love cookery shows & at the minute one of my highlights is "The Restaurant", where couples compete to open a restaurant w/ French chef, Raymond Blanc. However they've changed the format so this year has been pretty much a disaster !

Mickey's Musings said...

We do not watch Top Chef(Mom either,we don,t have cable) but we would also like to try some of their foods :) heehee
Purrs Mickey

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

WE JUST WATCHED IT LAST NIGHT. UGH. We completely agree with everyone you said. We were rooting in this order: Kevin, Jen & Bryan interchangeably, and then Michael. We were sad to see Jen go but she ReALLY lost her intensity and edge over the competition- and it seems her confidence as well. We thought it was so mean how when the Voltaggios were both saying how they felt, that Michael was like oh I'd love to see my brother go and Bryan was like saying how his bro is competition but he'd like to see him do well. Michael is SUCH a jerk- especially to his brother- that it seems to show his true character.

Overall Kevin is a great person and cook. When he said that working with local ingredients in ATL would give him an advantage, Brian and I were both like, psh! This is NAPA! Different ingredients. But it really seemed to! He was able to do pairings in that salad that worked so well. If only his meat cooked a little more tender, he might have won.

Glad someone else likes discussing the show!

Nevis said...

I loooooooooooooooooove Kevin! He's so cute with is giant beard and I just love him and his food. He actually has a restaurant in Atlanta...I totally want to go there! I wonder if its affordable!