Saturday, May 31, 2008

Almost Done

Mom's new quilt is almost done. Here is her old quilt. The first one she made as an adult. With leftover fabrics from drapery books at her work.

She is standing on the double dresser taking this picture.

Here is the new quilt. It needs just a little bit more length and a little bit more on the sides.

Mom's coworker (who is an Angel) said it is much prettier in person. Mom's boss said it was spectacular. That made mom feel good.

The general manager told mom to rip her wall paper down and do her bedroom over so that the quilt is the centerpiece. That's not happening. Another coworker told mom that she had black Chinese furniture in her bedroom and the quilt would look great in it. Did mom want to give it to her. That's not happening either. I'm a dog, and I know better.

In other news Karl & Ruis got married today. You can go wish them many years of marital bliss.


Mickey's Musings said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Mom just lost her eyesight! hahahahaha!!!
That is beautiful! The colours are so righ and vibrant! Awesome!
I would not want to give that away either :) It certainly IS the focal point of your Mom's room now!
I guess your Mom can't yell at you for getting on the table now huh?! Did you yell at her when she was on the dresser? hahahaha!!
Purrs Mickey

Archie and Melissa said...

hi roxy!
oh! the quilt is gorgeous! i love that your mom is staning on the dresser. too funny. i bet you standing on the kitchen table inspired her.
:) m & e

Gemini and Ichiro said...

That is a lovely quilt. I think you'll look excellent on it!

It was good to see you guys at the wedding reception!

Lux said...

Beautiful quilts! But I think your mom knows how to levitate, too!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

THAT IS AMAZING! I love how the colors are more bold and deep than the first one... it's so different than the first one, but equally as beautiful. Great work!

Team Tabby said...

Roxy, your mom's first quilt is very nice but the new one is fabulous! Tell her 'great job'. We think our furs would look great on it, but that's probably not happening either, hee, hee.

Mindy & Moe

Anonymous said...

The new quilt is gorgeous.. I kind of agree with the manager.. the wall paper needs to go! :p lol