Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Harry & Nevis are doing 10 things you like about specific letters. I have "N" and Lucky has "O". Since it is Thursday Thirteen, we will do thirteen things we like about these letters.

I am going first.

1) Ninjas. After all, I am one.

2) Noodles. (Ninjas with noodles....) Or spaghetti, but that doesn't start with the letter "N".

3) Night time. When I get to go to bed with mom. Under the blankets. On her hip.

4) Noses. You can smell so much with a nose. The food that fell on the floor, or between the sofa cushions.

5) Noon. When the sun is shining, nice and warm on me!

6) Newts. Well, not really, but the line "She turned me into a newt.... " and "I got better." are two of dad and PlusOne's favorites.

7) Norway. Where my friends the Wigglebutts live.

8) Normal. It like it when things are normal in the house, and not screwy!

9) Nightgowns. I love sleeping on mom's nightgowns. They remind me of her.

10) Names. I love my name. Roxy Dragon Pebbles. Isn't it a great name? Names are so much fun.

11) Nonconformist. That's me all right, a nonconformist.

12) Naked. Or rather, being naked. It is so much more fun then when mom stuffs me in clothes. They just cramp my style. I need to be free.

13) Naps. I love naps. Who doesn't!

My turn. I have the letter "O". Roxy thought this would be hard for me. Little does she know that I am an educated pug and nothing is difficult for me. Except for going up stairs.

1) Online. Or rather, being online. Then I can read about my sweet Luxor, and see his wonderful face and all the beautiful photos his bean takes of him.

2) Ocean. I love the ocean. And lakes and ponds and anything I can swim in.

3) One on one. As in one on one time with mom or PlusOne, without Roxy pushing her way in between us.

4) Outside. I love being outside in the sun.

5) Orchestras. I love classical music. And I love listening to PlusOne practice his cello, for his orchestra class.

6) Open. I love it when the curtains are open, and the sun is shining in. Then I can lay in the sunspot.

7) On. I love being on PlusOne's or mom's lap. Or on the recliner.

8) Oak trees. I love sitting in the shade of oak trees. Especially when it is really, really hot out.

9) My Occupation. I love my occupation. It is to hug humans and make them smile. And want to take me home. Though I do not want to go home with anyone but PlusOne or Luxor.

10) Observing. I love observing how mom and dad and PlusOne all act. It is a very stimulating study, though it does make me tired at times. Beans are so silly.

11) Off. I love it when mom makes Roxy get off her lap. Then I get to sit there.

12) Office. I love my office, otherwise known as my dog bed. I conduct all my business there. No, not THAT kind of business. The other kind. Eating the cinnamon bread that memere made dad, sleeping, observing, and snuggling against my sister.

13) Opera. I love opera. The Magic Flute is one of my favorites.

See, Roxy, that wasn't so hard. Not for an educated pug like me.


Archie and Melissa said...

hi roxy and lucky!
great job on your n and o meme!

Gemini and Ichiro said...

The N is the best: NAPS!!!

Sandra y Coco Pug said...

Hi Roxy and Lucky, nice anwers!
Of course I don't mind questions, all the way around, I love them!
I am from Peru and have been living in Miami for 7 years. There are different options for the Inka Trail, depending on where one starts. There is a hike that takes 5 days, another only 3 days. I did the most common, which is 4 days. But it is not like climbing a mountain (forget Mt Washington, I'll go only if a helicopter drops me on the top), actually, you walk to the top of a very high mountain and end up in Machu Picchu (lower altitude than the starting point). I will continue the story, I have lots of pictures!

Mickey's Musings said...

Pawsome!!!!! You two did very well with your letters!!!!!
Roxy,I like normal too ;)
Lucky, I love One on one too :)
Purrs Mickey

Rachel said...

very good answers, ladies! we'll be doing ours soon.....

Nevis said...

Wonderful answers! I love classical music too. I love all kinds of music. Do you like Carmina Burana by Orff? I love it. It's my favorite!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Great answers! Lucky, I knew you've got more smarts than Roxy gives you credit for!

Eduardo said...

Dear BEAU-tiful Roxy and Lucky,
My Mommy is in love with operas! Oh goodness she gets on my nerves singing songs from operas! Then when I join in she gets mad & says,"hush Eduardo I don't need your help!" I want to tell her, "if you heard yourself you'd be begging for my help! I'm going to take a nap!" BOL! Have a great day Roxy & Lucky and all the Beanies!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Jemima Jones Beck said...

You both look very tired in those pictures - late night?
Jemima Jones Beck

Anonymous said...

Good job guys!! :)

Asta said...

Those wewe such intewesting and fun things about bof of you!
Gweat choices, and stuff I like too..sounds like a bootiful life awound you
smoochie kisses

Unknown said...

We love your N and O exercise. Great job -- now we have visions of lovely pugs set to classical music!

Lux said...

You both gave wonderful answers on the meme. Ah, Lucky. I also adore your pictures! :)

The Furry Kids said...

Neat meme!