Saturday, May 3, 2008

Five Things Meme

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you the Five Things Meme.

1. What were you doing 5 years ago today?

Working at the same job as I am now, living in the same house., with the same husband and the same child. I had my the pugs who came before, Muffie and Bridget. PlusOne was finishing his first year of school. I had not started karate yet. I would get the invitation for a free two weeks on Mother's Day.

2. Name 5 snacks that you love:

Hot air popcorn with butter and Parmesan cheese
Ben & Jerry's Turtle Soup or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Giardella Milk Chocolate and Caramel
Fresh raspberries or boysenberries
Store brand ruffled potato chips.

3. What are 5 things on your ‘To-Do’ list for today/ Or things you’ve already done today:

Work on the checkbook
Work on the quilt
Work on my Intermediate Level Instructor's Certification
Make a list of what needs to be done in each room of the house
Re-plant the flowers given to me by my friend

4. Name 5 things I would do if I won five million dollars:

Pay all my bills, my mother's bills, and my sister's bills
Get a maid
Quit my job
Donate money to pug rescues everywhere
Buy a house on the ocean, somewhere, if I could or on Newfound Lake
Have a field day fabric shopping

5. Name 5 bad habits you have:

I interrupt people (it is common with my sister and I to never finish a sentence, but other people don't like it)
Going to bed too late
Not getting up early enough in the morning
Not vacuuming often enough
Not cleaning/picking up enough in general around the house

6. Name 5 places you’ve lived:

Beverly, MA
Wenham, MA
Durham, NH
Where I live now

7. Name 5 jobs you’ve had:

Bank Teller
Car Leasing & Sales
Parts Purchasing and General All Around Gal for Car Dealership
Purchasing Agent for Seals and Gasketing Company
Administrative Assistant, De Facto IT Person and General All Around Know It All for A Furniture Retailer

Hope you enjoyed that.


Karen Jo said...

I did enjoy that. I have some of the same bad habits that you do and like some of the same snacks, especially popcorn.

Jeanne said...

I did enjoy this very much and loved reading the five things you've done and eaten and would do.
Denise B. died and that made me very sad.
I know I love you all, Ma

Chrissie said...

I did, very much! It's always fun to learn more about the folks you hang out with!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry... what was all that? You lost me at Ben & Jerry's Turtle Soup or Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream

Mickey's Musings said...

That is a very cool meme!! We share some of those things too :) Especially the staying up way too late one!!!!
Purrs Mickey

Nevis said...

I did enjoy that! So you've only been doing Karate for 5 years? I'm so impressed by you!!!

Too Cute Pugs said...

That was fun! Mommy thinks it's pretty cool too that you got an invitation to Karate and it turned out to be something you really love.

You and our mommy, btw, have the exact same bad habits.

Happy pug snorts!
Pearl & Daisy