Monday, November 5, 2007

Homeward Bound

Here it is. The homestead. Los Ranchos Pugos. Thanks to Monty Q and the train we should be home by Tuesday. It has been a fabulous road trip with memorable visits, great sights to see, lots of fun and great food.

Luxor understands Lucky has to come home. (Phew!! I really can't live without her, you know. She may be blonde, but she's MY sister) Future visits will be handled by teleportation, a much simpler way to travel. Luxor really is a great guy. I couldn't have asked for a nicer brother-in -law, unless you count Monty as a cousin-in-law. He really went all out for Millie, getting the train and the big screen TV so we could watch the guys named Pat beat the horses. But anyway, as I was saying about Luxor. What a gracious guy, expecially since we had SO many cats show up on his door unexpectedly and everyone was made welcome.

Actually, everyone we visited was just the most wonderful host or hostess you could imagine. Samantha and Tigger getting us a big red bus, all pimped out of course, Daisy with her lizard stew and Lucky's beautiful robe, KC with her bar-b-que, Angus, DK, Beezer and the beef (yum) Kimo & Sabi, Tara, the yoga and massages, Miles and his racetrack driving, Monty's singing (well, maybe not his singing!) everyone was just wonderful. I can't remember when I had so much fun! I mean really. Everything was fun!

So thank you to everyone, in alphabetical order, for everything. Abby, Angus, Beezer, Bounce and Lucy & Trixie, Captain Jack and Dante, China Cat, Daisy, DaisyMae Maus, Dragonheart, Eric & Flynn, Fab Five, Gemini, Karl, Kellie, Kim0 & Sabi, Luxor, Mickey & Georgia & Tillie, Millie, Miss Peach, Missy & KC, Miz Allie Cat, Moe & Mindy, Monty Q, MR. Chen & Ollie, Parker, PoppyQ, Ruis, Sam & Miles, Samantha & Tigger, Sanjee, Skittles, Sophia & DK & Orlando & Fiona, Storm, Tara and Willow.

Hope that was everybody!

What do you say we go home?



Mickey's Musings said...

After the wonderful day with Miss Peach, it is time to head home. It was so cool meeting all the new friends especially you & Lucky.
I miss Mom brushing me and giving scritches. It will be fun to go home on that neat train!!
We can spy on Monty & Millie in the last car. Heeheehee ;)

The Meezers or Billy said...

we haf had so much fun, but we is anxious to get home too. Hopefully the train will drop us off Monday night.

we loves you pugs!!!

Anonymous said...

Roxy, it is/was a wonderful adventure! I am so glad I joined the road trip half way: It was so cute to see your sister and Luxor together - I met my Karl and found love - I met and visited many friends (Miss Peach was soooo sweet...)

But I miss my staff, the young bean, my kitty brothers & sisters, and although you and Lucky are two wonderful doggies, I miss mine: Taylor and Buzzer.

Thank you everything!!


PS - Karl visits the Netherlands soon to meet my staff and the other kitties.

Anonymous said...

Ping was ever so nice to protect me, but I am not so sure I needed protecting. I may be a much braver cat now! I may even stand up to the chihuahuas. Do you have advice on that?

Karen Jo said...

I loved following along with the road trip very much. It's really cool that you got a train to take everyone home.

Monty Q. Kat said...

Mombean will be glad to see me again, I hear the bathroom has been quite unstinky the past week. I have to change that.

Daisy said...

It was a very fabulous and wonderful road trip of a lifetime! And a good adventure to always remember. But I am ready to go home now, too.

Milton said...

It was such a treat to meat efurry one! And to have a whole day to show you my hometown!!
You all are welcome back anytime.
Safe travels home to the beans who you love so much.

Miz Allie Cat said...

ohhh Miz Allie says though that she has made some furrr pudding for everyone when they gets by her place to share on the road trip home....Meow....

Dr Tweety of da Fab Five said...

We had da bestee timez of our livez!!!! Tanks fur takin' us along. You waz da bestee hosts I have evfur met, & I yam changin' my opinion abouts d-a-w-g-s, now dat I know one personally. Dis has changed my life fur-ever!

Dr Tweety

Lux said...

It was the experience of a lifetime! I'm so glad we did it!

Lucky, you are quite a lady. Roxy, you're not too bad, either! :)