Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Mom has been reading a this week, a very good opportunity for Lucky and me to sit in her lap and enjoy her. Plus, it is good for her to take a break every now and then, especially after her cleaning frenzy last weekend.

I thought you might find it interesting to see what mom is reading.

1) The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory (Still reading)

2) A Dark Sacrifice by Madeline Howard (Book Two)

3) The Hidden Stars by Madeline Howard (Book One)

4) The Jester by James Patterson & Andrew Gross

5) Dark Moon Defender by Sharon Shinn (Mom really really wants the next book in this series, but she doesn't want to spend $25.00 for a hardcover.

6) When The Gods Slept by Allan Cole

7) The Testament by Eric Van Lustbader

8) The Coldest March by Susan Solomon (Scott's Fatal Antarctic Expedition)

9) The Bulger Brothers by Howie Carr

10) The Awakened Mage by Karen Miller (Book Two)

11) The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller (Book One)

12) Midnight Club by James Patterson

13) The Summoner by Gail Z. Martin

Quite a variety, huh? Maybe that's why Mom's readablility is as follows!

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Daisy said...

Those sound like some interesting books. My Mommie likes to read a lot, too.

Monty Q. Kat said...

Does 'Baby Blue Cat and the Smelly Sock Worm' count?

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Some of those are books my Bean read too. She just finish Books 1 through 3 of an urban fantasy series by Kim Harrison - the Rachel Morgan series. She liked it a lot, but it's a bit different then what she usually gets. Your mom might want to check it out. She is waiting for the bookstore to get in book 4 for her.

Clover said...

Oh, my mom loves James Patterson! She read Midnight Club before and she is reading the Jester right now, like your mom!
Love Clover xo

The Furry Kids said...

Momma used to read a lot. Now she pretty much falls asleep when she sits down. It's not our fault that our tummy clocks are set to go off at 3 am. *shrugging*

Frances Louise said...

Nice list. Mommy likes to read more fantasy-type books while Daddy likes the alternate reality sci-fi stuff.

Mickey's Musings said...

That is a really interesting list! Mom likes to read too ,but has not read lately. I'm not sure why she brought home books from the 2nd hand bookstore then?? ;) Beans anyway. Monty's book sounds like it might be funny,but i don't think it's his Mom's book ;)
Mom is still working her way through "The Wheel of Time"(book 10).
It's good yer Mom is relaxing,mom says December is a crazy month,when it should be fun!!